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-highly popular size channel rubber

-build from stainless steel materials

-heavy duty industrial rubber squeegee

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-affordable & very durable product

Window Cleaning With The Channel Rubber 35 cm

Is it time to get your window cleaned? The dirt and grime coating the glass surface can be frustrating. It's unsightly to look at, and ruins the curb appeal of the establishment. Insect waste streaking across the window, layers of dust particles that have formed on the surface, those trails left behind after it rains and the water droplets roll across the glass distorting the dust layers and creating paths, smoke particles- be they from exhaust fumes of the vehicles speeding past or cigarette smoke, all through to that sticky glue and residue left behind when stickers were on the window were being removed- it makes the windows a mess. Adequate light is prevented from getting into the interior space, smudges cause there to be shadows cast in the room when they block the light, and you are even prevented from enjoying that picturesque view outside your property. From residential to commercial establishments, windows have a huge impact on living and working conditions respectively. Even your clients and guests will have a negative perception about you when the first thing that greets them when they pull up on your driveway and walk towards your building is the dirty windows. So you'll need to grab your cleaning supplies and get the work done. This ranges from the cleaning solutions, scrappers for the stuck-on gunk, all through to squeegees like the Channel Rubber 35 cm.

Get Rid Of Dirt With The Channel Rubber 35 cm

The squeegee window cleaning process is simple and straightforward. It’s effective in removing virtually all surface dirt, especially when used together with cleaning solutions- or simply plain water in case the window doesn’t have stubborn grime spots. When cleaning, overlap the strokes with a few inches. The Channel Rubber 35 cm is suitable for both washing and drying of the windows. For the latter, dry the rubber blade after each stroke using a microfiber or lint-free cloth.

In case you’re dealing with a large window, divide it up into small sections that are easy to work on. For instance, you can deal with one framed section at a time. Remember to work from top to bottom, that way you won't have any run -off getting on the already cleaned sections. For the hard to reach windows, you can use the Channel Rubber 35 cm with an extension pole. This reduces the risks of falls-as opposed to hanging with ropes next to the window, or using a ladder and balancing your bucket, cloths and squeegee while you go about the task- and also enables you to work on multiple windows in a shorter time.

Benefits Of Using The Channel Rubber 35 cm

For one, it is a quality moulded squeegee rubber that enables you to make effective strokes with streak-free results. The quality clean will leave your windows spotless. In addition, it has a stainless steel structure. With all that water being used in the cleaning operations, the last thing you want is to be concerned about your tools rusting. The stainless steel design prevents this from happening. This preserves the structural integrity of the unit, and also prevents rust stains from ending up on the glass. On top of it all, the Channel Rubber 35 cm has a pocket-friendly price, allowing you to add it to your cleaning supplies without straining your budget.

Channel Rubber 35 CM

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