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TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 45 cm

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2385
  • Availability: In Stock


-heavy duty commercial channel rubber

-build from stainless steel components

-suitable for commercial and domestic

-compatible with most stainless steel handles

-easy rubber changing system (one click)

-premium window cleaning equipment

Channel Rubber 45 cm

When it comes to squeegees, it’s all about simplicity and effectiveness. Look at their designs- a handle that’s topped with a rubber blade, easy on the hands and yet highly effective when removing dirt, water, oils and cleaning solutions from surfaces, leaving them dry and squeaky clean. In fact, the squeegee is one of those simple tools that changed humanity and has proved effective through the decades- kind of like the wheel or screw. They disrupt their respective industries, are so popular and reliable that only minor modifications are needed-if any- depending on the application. In addition, squeegees are affordable, multipurpose and come in different sizes- like the channel rubber 45 cm.

Different Ways To Use The Channel Rubber 45 cm

Let's start off with the most common: cleaning your windows. Washing the surfaces with the quality moulded squeegee rubber gets rid of the soiling, insect droppings, all through to the minerals from hard water and other grime that’s stuck to the glass surface. After the washing, the Channel Rubber 45 cm can then be used for drying the window. With the same simple strokes, overlapping with a couple of inches, passing the blade across the glass surface leaves behind a streak-free finish. For the drying, remember to wipe the rubber blade with a clean microfiber lint-free cloth after each stroke.

Next is the restroom. That's right- the Channel Rubber 45 cm isn’t consigned to glass alone. Notice that water that's left behind after every shower? It encourages bacteria and mildew to thrive in those restrooms with showers. This can be resolved by making a quick pass with the Channel Rubber 45 cm, which will move the water, any body oils and soap scum that had been left behind, down the drain. Using it in conjunction with other cleaning products like microfiber increases its efficacy here. Unlike other cases where dirt is picked up and redeposited by the cleaning cloths and rags that are used, the Channel Rubber 45 cm effectively removes the grime from the surfaces.

On other hard, flat surfaces around the establishment- such as bars, countertops and desks, the same case applies. Using the Channel Rubber 45 cm with a cleaning solution or simply plain tap water will remove the dirt layers on the surface while simultaneously drying it. Conventional methods like towels and rags create risks of cross contamination, which reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning. On the other hand, using the squeegee method on these kinds of hard and flat surfaces, be they vertical or horizontal, will provide a far superior clean without risking resoiling.

The versatility makes the Channel Rubber 45 cm a popular product. From windows and countertops, bathroom walls and restroom partitions, all through to chalkboards, desks and whiteboards- it's up to the task. The stainless steel structure means that rust won’t be a concern, and the durable design ensures that each purchase provides you with extended usage. Moreover, it is affordably priced, enabling you to make savings right from the word go. Add to this the ease of use due to its ergonomic nature, and the flexibility with which it can be applied on multiple cleaning areas in the establishment, it makes the Channel Rubber 45 cm a quality investment.

Channel Rubber 45 CM

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