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TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2386
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-the biggest stainless steel channel & rubber from TTS

-suitable for commercial heavy duty window cleaning

-build from very light materials & quality stainless steel

-compatible with all universal stainless steel handles

-efficient, durable, cost effective & very well priced

A Look At The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm

Dirt is your windows’ enemy. The grime, hard water deposits and issues like acid rain damage the windows. They etch into the glass, ruining it. The more the dirt, the higher the likelihood of chips, scratches and cracks in future. Over time, the dust layers, water deposits, smudges, streaks and fingerprints distort the view from the windows, and also obscure the light coming into the interior space. Moreover, they ruin the curb appeal, and are an unsightly distraction to your visitors and employees. You want to be able to be comfortable in your own home, not breathing in dust from the particles blown into the building by the breeze passing over the open windows, and picking up the particles that are on the glass. You also want light coming in without shadows forming in the interior due to the smudges on the window. This not only brightens up the ambience, but it also boosts your mood at home and enhances the morale of the employees at your workplace. What's more, regularly cleaning windows preserves their structural integrity, allowing you to protect your investment. Proper cleaning starts with having the right equipment for the job. Tools that will get the task done effectively, reducing the time and energy loss. From the cleaning solutions, spray systems to the squeegees, you want optimal efficiency. That's also where the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm comes in.

Why You Should Invest In The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm

1. Built to last

The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm is a high-durability and rust-free product. With the loads of water and cleaning solutions that you will be working with, the last thing you want to be thinking about is reactions on the structure of your equipment that corrode it. In addition, the frequency of the window cleaning, with all those glass panes being worked on each time, you want tools that can handle the workload. From the regular window cleaning at home, weekly sessions for business premises, all through to window cleaning companies serving clients daily in both the residential and commercial niches, the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm is up to the task.

2. Multipurpose

The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm is not just limited to the windows. With the squeegee set up, you can use it to remove the soap, water stains and other residue that has built up on the shower surfaces after baths. That way you'll get to avoid the lengthy shower cleaning sessions afterwards that would have involved plenty of scrubbing. What's more, pushing the water and residue into the drain enables you to prevent issues like mildew growth. The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm is also suitable for drying other flat surfaces around the establishment, be they vertical or horizontal- from countertops to walls. Simply glide it across the surface to remove the water, like after rinsing.

3. Quick setup

Fixing the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm to your squeegee will only take a moment, reducing the time taken during the window cleaning. The variable positioning options allow you to set it up in the most suitable position for your specific cleaning needs. In addition, you can easily change the rubber on the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm as needed.

TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 55 cm

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