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-high quality professional wet & dry vacuum

-suitable foe commercial & domestic cleaning

-build from very durable rust free components

-heavy duty stainless steel fittings & attachments

-very durable & powerful 1200 w extraction motor 

-suitable for small to medium floor cleaning jobs

-it can be used for dry and wet extraction jobs


Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum Review

In the past couple of years, wet-dry vacuums have become very popular for both households and cleaning companies alike. It's the ultimate tool, doing all the work of the traditional mop and bucket, brooms and air pump systems in one go. Whether you want to clean up coffee or wine spills, or simply get bread crumbs off your floor, the unit will do it for you. It get the dirt and debris from your floors and curtains, and even dry your water mattress. You'll get saved from having to break your back cleaning the ashes, wood chips and other gunk from your fireplace. The vacuums are also used for car interior cleaning. With so many products out there in the market, you'll want to go with one that is guaranteed to work. A trusted unit that brings both efficiency and consumer confidence to the job. That's the Ultimex 100 Wet& Dry Vacuum for you.


What Is The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum?

It's a seamless blend of superior cleaning power and the latest in vacuuming technology. There has been a growing demand for a cleaner that’s safe and sturdy, silent and easily manageable. Tonnes of research and financing went into the development of a cleaner that could fit the mantle, and the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum was the result. Here's a look at what it does for you:


Benefits Of The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum

1. Powerful cleansing action

You can use the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum on numerous surfaces, from your house all the way to your car. It's heavy duty suction power, and will clean up anything from the stubborn caked-on dirt on your floor, and wet messes in your bathroom, to clearing shards of broken glass plus the drink was in it. The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum will clean your carpet, removing the dirt and deposits, food and beverage spills, leaving your carpet sparkling. You can use it together with your carpet cleaning shampoo to get rid of the soiling that's set deeply in the carpet fibres. You can even use it to clean out your fireplace or wood stove, easily sucking up the cold ashes, to retrieve items from your sink, and also to unclog pipes. Clean your car's interior, including the carpet, seats and trim. It will cover the exposed areas such as the dashboard, and console, and still get right to the tight areas such as the crevices around the shifter, or the pivot area that's between the bottom and back of the seat. Your Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum will work on all kinds of gunk, it doesn't matter if it's wet or dry, from dust, pet hair, food crumbs and debris that's formed layers on your floor and upholstery, to quickly cleaning up your bathroom floor in case your tub overflows. Its versatility is renowned.


2. Enhance standards of your establishment

By removing the particles and pollutants which trigger allergies or asthma, the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum enables you to improve the air quality within your premises. Since the dirt particles get dissolved in the water, you won’t have to worry about them coming out flying or getting into contact with you. You simply have to pour out the dirty water, which will carry the dissolved dirt and dust along with it. 


3. High capacity

You want to be able to clean a wide area before you have to empty the tank. This gives you maximum level of productivity, since you won't need to keep stopping your cleaning task to clear it. The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum comes with a 25L capacity, and a dust bag capacity of 15L. It also has a high air flow rate, at 53L/s. This is the power at which the motor draws in air. The hose geometry significantly reduces flow resistance, and, coupled with the wide girth, prevents blockages while vacuuming.


4. Quiet

It has a very low sound level, coming in at 65db. To put this into perspective, typical units have 85db levels, and end up making a lot of noise. In fact, at above 80db you'll be needed to wear protection. The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum is a whopping 15 decibels quieter. 


5. High durability

The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum is made using polypropylene, making it strong and rigid. You also never have to worry about rusting. Its internal electrical components are well insulated, and are also housed separately from the integral working components of the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum. This makes it safe for you to use, without any risk of electrocution.


6. Easily transportable

You want to be able to move around your house and between rooms conveniently. The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum comes with an ABS base and 4 castor wheels. This makes it easy to transport, even with a full tank. It's also prevents it from tipping over. The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum's 440 x 350 x 850mm size and 9.6kg weight makes it a breeze to manoeuvre it around your property. It's easy to store, even in small apartments and flats. You also don't want to be forced to drag around a heavy extension cord. With a power supply cable of 10m, you'll be able to reach far corners in your home or business premises.


Tips For Using The Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum

· Clean the filter after every use. For dry debris, you can simply remove the filter and gently tap it against the inside wall of the tank. For thorough cleaning, and also for wet filters, run water through them from a spigot or hose. You won’ need to use very high pressure. Allow the filter to dry before storing it.

· Clean the solution tank thoroughly after use. Dump out the contents, wash it, and dry using a clean cloth. 

· Clean the outside of the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum regularly to keep it looking its best. You can use a cloth with water and a mild cleaning product. 

· Do not store the Ultimex 100 Wet & Dry Vacuum with water still in the tank. Clean it out after use and allow to dry. In case you want to store it for a prolonged time, or if you use it very frequently in high-risk areas like heath care centres, you should disinfect the tank.


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