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Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

-heavy duty glass and floor scraper from Unger

-suitable for heavy duty glue removing projects

-manufactured from rust & corrosion free products

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-very light & very easy blade changing system

As you go about your routine building maintenance, cleaning the walls, worktops, shelves, countertops and even floors, you'll likely use a wide assortment of tools and cleaning solutions for the task. Each designed to work on specific areas, dissolving the dirt and stains, getting rid of them and restoring the elegance to the surfaces. However, there are those stubborn sections that just won't budge. They stick out from the surface like a sore thumb, and defy the formulations used to emulsify and dissolve them. Decals, adhesive residue, glue, all through to cases like the silicone, and mortar particles that are typically witnessed with post-construction cleanup jobs. This does not mean that you leave them. They still need to be got rid of. That's where scrapers come in. These convenient tools are designed to make it easy to dislodge the stubborn soiling, separating it from the surface with just a few strokes, thus allowing you to carry on with the rest of the cleaning. For the scraping, you want quality and performance. Unger has got you covered with its wide range of products, suited to the different areas being worked on. To get rid of the dirt that has caked on to the various surfaces in the residence or business premises, turn to the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper.

Benefits Of The Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

1. Tough blade

When dealing with gunk that is clinging to the surface, you want a blade that can stand up to the task. Paint run-off that has dried onto the surface, stickers, and even cement- this kind of soiling needs a blade that can handle the conditions without breaking, and that of the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper is specially designed for this. Made of carbon steel, the blades have a solid build. They are also extra sharp, to scrape off the material. In fact, each blade has reversible sharp/blunt edges. The sharp edge comes in when you want to remove substances like glue, stickers and the paint residue from the surfaces. The blunt edge is for the heavy duty soiling, like cement and stucco.

2. Enhanced power

The ergonomic design of the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper reduces discomfort, fatigue, and also dramatically cuts down the risk of injury. You get to work with more efficiency and power, easily scraping away the stubborn grime. You also won’t have to keep kneeling down to attend to the sections on the floor with the dirt, as the 25cm handle enables convenient operation. The construction itself is light, coming in at just 200g. As such, less energy is expended during the cleaning, and you get to cover more surface within a shorter time.

3. Straightforward application

Using the scraper is not rocket science. Simply wet the surface being worked on, bring out the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper, and proceed to remove those stubborn grime spots. The scraping should be done in a forward motion always, like a plough- so avoid the urge to pull back the scraper. This is because the debris that would be trapped under the blade could scratch and damage the surface being worked on. Scraping side-to-side is also ill-advised. It’s recommended that you work on small sections at a time. Usually the scraping is done after the initial cleaning, where the area has been washed or mopped, and the general soiling removed. This allows you to use the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper to focus on those troublesome sections.

4. Extended use

The Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper has been designed to last for long. The handle itself is durable, withstanding the demands that come with frequent cleaning. The scraper also comes with a blade protection cap that keeps it covered when not in use, for your protection. For the blades, both of their sides have been lacquered, providing protection from rust- especially since the cleaning conditions are usually wet. They also come in compact plastic dispensers that store both new and used blades. This way, they remain dry, always available for use. The mechanism of the dispenser enables you to easily slide the blade out when you want to use it, and back in after you’re done. With the blades having been individually wrapped, it provides further protection, by preventing them from rusting and sticking together.

You get all this without breaking the bank. This is due to the affordable pricing of the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper, coupled with its enhanced durability that brings you more savings in the long run, by reducing your cleaning costs.

Extra Tips For Using The Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

• Always match the right scraping blade for the job. For instance, when working on glass panes for the case of windows, one uses stainless steel glass scraper blades. These are flexible, and have been designed for the task. On the other hand, when dealing with surfaces- from sills to countertops and floors, a more robust build is needed, as is seen with the carbon steel blades that are used with the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper.

• Check the condition of the blade before you begin. It shouldn’t be rusted. For the case of being blunt, unless it’s by design- like the sides meant to work on the areas with heavy soiling, switch to a new blade.

• Do you doubt whether a particular surface can be scraped? Don't rush the process. First do a small test on an inconspicuous area, then observe the result at different angles before you can proceed with scraping the rest of the surface.

• Never force the scraper. You don’t want any accidents happening. If there is resistance, change the mode of approach. For instance, it is recommended that you first start scraping the sides of that stubborn spot, then work on the centre.

• Only scrape wet surfaces. The water or cleaning solution used provides the needed lubrication, and also contributes to making the process easier for you.

• When not in use, restore the blade protection cap on the Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper. When it comes to storage, keep it in a dry and safe place, out of the reach of children.

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

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