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-heavy duty professional bucket on belt from Unger

-suitable for commercial and domestic window cleaning

-manufactured from rust free plastic components

-it will fit in a full window cleaning system (plus blades)

-it will attach with ease to any standard trouser belt

A Look At The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Bucket on Belt

Clean windows are vital for comfortable living and working conditions. After all, no one wants to look outside a dirty window, with the layers of dust and grime coming in the way of the otherwise elegant view. You end up feeling like you're stuck in some bad 80's song. The smears and streaks reduce cast unsightly shadows in the indoor space, further ruining the ambience. As the soiling accumulates on the glass panes, it reduces the amount of natural light getting into the space. This means that one ends up being forced to turn on the lights and even the AC longer than is needed, instead of taking advantage of the free light and warmth from the sun, consequently raking up the building’s energy bill. That of the curb appeal? From home and business owners, to realtors looking to rent out or sell the property, the curb appeal is vital in creating an image for the space. It gives passers-by, guests and customers coming onto the premises an impression of how you run your activities. You don’t want your reputation or brand taking a hit due to the soiled state of things. A thorough cleaning will solve the problem. For this to be effective, you want to work with quality tools, such as the Unger ErgotTec range of products. These have been developed with a key emphasis on enhancing efficiency, especially for the professional window cleaners. When you’re handling multiple windows on a daily basis, attending to both residential and commercial clients, you want to be able to go about your duties swiftly, without compromising on the desired quality of the results. Your profit margins, and clients’ satisfaction, are on the line. The ErgoTec® Ninja System comes on board to meet your needs. This review will focus on one of the units in it, the Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt.

Speeding Up Your Cleaning Efforts

This particular product was developed to cut down the amount of time and effort wasted going back and forth to your toolkit each time you want to switch from one set of equipment to another. When you’re running a window cleaning company, every second counts, and you don’t want loads of time spent dashing to the truck to pick the window washer, when you meet stubborn gunk you head back for a scraper, and when it’s time to squeegee you pause everything to go and pick up the squeegee. It’s more frustrating when you’re working with ladders and have to keep climbing up and down each time you want a different tool. With the Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt, the problem is solved, since you get to carry the important tools with you. It also makes it an ideal tool for those situations where you’re working in a narrow space. 

The Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt comes with a clip lock, which allows you to easily fasten it to your belt. In fact, it’s so versatile that you can use it with any belt, securely positioning the unit in place.  The design of the Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt makes it suitable for left- and right-handed cleaning.

What can you carry at a go?

Part of the ErgoTec Ninja family, this Bucket on Belt can hold: 

  • 2 squeegees

Here, you can use the ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee, which comes with different features that enhance its efficiency. For instance, it has a bi-component swivel handle, with a stainless steel screw that allows you to adjust the swivel tension as you see fit. The 30° and 40° head-angle versions give you more range of choice, and the handle of the squeegee has a textured thumb area, giving you better control of the unit. The channels are firmly locked onto the squeegee using the TriLoc Mechanism, which also allows you to quickly change channels and reposition them. There are channels of different sizes, plus rubbers accompanying them, allowing you to go with the assembly that suits your particular needs. Carrying around 2 of the squeegees on the Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt will enable you to cover more surface area within a shorter time, switching the squeegees as needed. 

  • 1 washer 

Within this family of products, you can fix the ErgoTec Ninja Washer onto the Unger ErgoTec Bucket on Belt. Here, the washer is used for scrubbing the dirt off the window, and has been designed with features that optimise the process. For instance, its sleeve comes with rows of scrubbing fibres that have been built into its structure, including microfibre, which increases its rate of absorption. The scrub pads, two of them on each sleeve, provide additional scrubbing power for the stubborn soiling. The Velcro fastener of the sleeve enables you to securely fit it onto the anodized aluminium T-bar. Complete with a swivel function that allows convenient cleaning of the hard-to-reach areas, tension adjustment to manage the swivel tension, plus the handle that has anti-slip rubber, you get to carry out the cleaning with ease. 

  • 1 safety scraper

With the Unger ErgoTec Ninja scraper, you have a unit that has dual-sided blades, which are corrosion resistant and constructed with 440A grade stainless steel. The scrapers come in when you’re dealing with cases of really stubborn gunk that has adhered to the glass surface- such as paint overspray during construction and renovation works, and mortar particles that wound up on the windows. With each blade of this particular scraper being precisely honed to give it the optimal cutting angle, you get to work with a unit that is both sharp and consistent. 

  • 0.75L of cleaning liquid

The solution selected here largely depend on the type of window or door glass that is to be cleaned. You want a solution that is strong enough to tackle the grime, but gentle on the glass itself. There are also situations where one will specifically need a cleaning agent that can deal with hard water spots on the glass. There are also those who are keen on using formulations that are mostly sourced from natural ingredients.

Unger Ergotec Ninja Bucket On Belt

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