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-versatile handle compatible with all Ninja Squeegee channels

-amazing quality, versatility and durability - made from light plastic

-it is manufactured from rust and corrosion free components

-highly popular with the commercial window cleaning industry

-one of the most innovative system available from Unger brand

Working With The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle

This handle is part of the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee, a state-of-the-art window cleaning tool that provides enhanced efficiency and quality results for the professional window cleaner. It's part of the larger ErgoTec® Ninja System, a range of products from Unger engineered for enhanced performance with minimal effort. These are the likes of the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper that comes with a variable working angle mechanism, and also has a holder that enables it to be fitted onto the belt; the ErgoTec® Ninja Washer that has a highly absorbent sleeve and its T-Bar is made using anodised aluminium- giving it high strength and durability; to the ErgoTec® Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt that is spacious enough to hold the squeegee, scraper and even cleaning liquid on the go. The squeegee is used for the latter stages for the process, to remove the window cleaning solution from the glass panes and after the rinsing. Its component parts come together to provide enhanced cleaning action, from the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle and the channel, to the rubber blade.

Designed To Deliver

The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle has a wide range of features that contribute to the efficiency of the squeegee setup. Take for instance the swivel function. It has a 180 range, and the swivel tension can be set to your preference using the coin adjustable stainless steel screw. This makes working with poles and on those hard-to-reach areas a breeze. Speaking of which, when dealing with the poles, you get to secure the squeegee in position with the locking cone on the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle. It’s also ergonomic, fitting naturally in the hand, and has anti-slip rubber for greater grip especially with all the water involved in the process, plus a textured thumb area for enhanced control. The handle comes in 40` and 30` head angle options for you to select your preference.

The other parts of the squeegee are also engineered to deliver high performance. For instance the channels that are attached to the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle come in different lengths, ranging from 20cm - 105cm, that way you get units that make light work of the large windows, reducing the amount of time that you spend on the task. Made using T6 extruded aircraft aluminium, these channels don't bend or break during use, which is quite handy for the heavy window cleaning demands that face professional contractors. They also come with the SmartClip feature, which firmly secures the rubber blade in place, and through which you can adjust the rubber tension. The channel is locked onto the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle with the TriLoc mechanism, which enables fast changing and repositioning.

Squeegee Like A Pro

After washing the windows- using the Unger washer, microfiber cloths for the corners, and even the pocket scrapers for the stuck-on debris, its now time to squeegee. Start by "cutting the edge" along the top and side of the window. You can use the edge of the dry squeegee for this, or a cloth.

Place the squeegee on the dry section of the glass, and gently glide it across over the wet area to the opposite end- without stopping. The top edge of the squeegee should be positioned slightly forward, which comes in handy when guiding the moisture down the glass. When you reach the end, lift the squeegee and wipe the rubber blade, and repeat the process for the rest of the window. Make passes that overlap by 3cm - 4cm. Holding the washer directly under the squeegee will help with catching the water that is dripping down. This is especially recommended when working on the interior sides of the window, to prevent the floor from getting wet.

Note that you don’t need to exert all your elbow grease into the process. While gripping the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle, relax your wrist, and apply gentle pressure onto the glass surface. In fact, simply resting the squeegee on the glass provides all the pressure required for the job, so you don’t need to add extra muscle.

The Base Distance Factor

This comes in when positioning the squeegee in relation to the glass surface. The base distance is the length between the end of the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle and the surface. The optimal distance is just under 7cm. No, you don’t have to bring out your ruler whenever you’re working on the windows. Simply hold the squeegee handle and extend your little finger. It should come close to the surface, not quite touching it.

Why is this important? When the base distance is too small- for instance, less than 5cm, then streaking may end up occurring. It will also slow you down. When the distance is too high- such as going above 9cm, then the squeegee may shudder as you use it, and there are higher chances of you pulling it up from the glass surface and leaving behind moisture. With the correct base distance, it also ensures that only the sharp edge of the Unger Ninja Squeegee rubber is being used, resulting in superior results. Whichever method you employ, whether you're cleaning from top to bottom, gliding the squeegee across the window, or you have attached an extension pole to the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle, you should concentrate on having a consistent base distance, and this will make the cleaning process much easier for you.

Trusted Brand

When turning to Unger, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with quality products. The company has been in operation for over half a century, and specialises in providing window care systems. It started out in Germany, and now its products are relied on by homeowners and professional cleaners all around the world. The brand survived and thrived over the decades, through the tumultuous market conditions plus changing consumer trends and window designs, by continuously developing technologically advanced systems that meet the needs of their clients. In fact, the products come with Unger's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, showing the company’s commitment to quality. The squeegee, with its consistent parts including the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Handle, meets the standards that are expected, enabling you to effectively work on your windows and restore their sparkle.

Unger Ergotec Ninja Handle

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