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Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

-professional window cleaning sleeve from Unger

-compatible with all types of 35 cm t-bar (all brands)

-absorbent, durable and suitable for commercial

-it can be machine washed up to 300 times (60c)

-one of the most popular sleeve from Unger brand

Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm Review

You want your windows to be so clean that they look open. Soiled windows ruin the curb appeal of a building, but clear and pristine glass enhances the value of the property, and impresses anyone walking by. Whether it’s at home or in business premises, the state of the windows has a huge impact on the occupants. You want to be able to enjoy the views outside your property, not be greeted with dirt spots and smears whenever you glance through the windows. Then there is the amount of natural sunlight and heat that is allowed into the interior space. Those layers of grime are an impediment, affecting the functionality of the windows in this aspect, which drags down the ambience. On the other hand, sparkling windows brighten up the interior space, making conducive living and working conditions. You also don’t fancy being forced to run the heating and air conditioning systems longer, and turning on the lights even in the middle of the day- this just racks up your energy bills. As such, regular window care is vital. For this, you want systems that you can rely on, and Unger has got you covered with units such as the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm.

50+ Years of Quality

Unger has been around since 1964. That's over half a century of providing professional window care systems and solutions. Since it was founded in Hamburg Germany, the company has grown its footprint and spread across the continents. The products have gained popularity for their innovative designs, addressing unique consumer needs and producing specialised solutions for the diverse types of windows- from standard glass to those of specialty designs like Low-E glass. The developers are constantly designing products that deliver enhanced performance and enable you to effectively work on your windows, while ensuring your safety and that of the structural integrity of the installation. After all, surviving in such a competitive industry for so long- and thriving while at it, wouldn't have been achieved unless the company paid attention to their customers in order to know how to effectively serve them. In fact, the founder’s core values: quality, trust, plus customer service are integral to the workings of the company to this very day. The developers partner with cleaning professionals to engineer the solutions which will deliver the required results each time. So committed are they to quality that the products come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee from Unger. That way you can be sure each product, including the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm, meets the expected standards.

Enter ErgoTec® Ninja, The Premium Window Cleaning System

In this line, the Unger Engineers have focussed on meeting the needs of professional window cleaners, with clients in both residential and commercial establishments. The products focus on quality and performance. When working on multiple windows every day, you want equipment that is both efficient and durable. tools that reduce your workload and are designed using materials that can enable them to withstand the heavy usage, all the while delivering superb results that will keep your customers satisfied, winning you referrals and repeat business- ultimately increasing your bottom-line and growing your profits. In addition to the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm, other products in this range include the Ninja T-Bar to which it is attached to, and which features an ergonomic handle, light but strong anodised aluminium construction that doesn’t strain the arms or shoulders, plus 180°  swivel function, which can be locked to the centre 0°  position if preferred- at the push of a button; the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee whose strokes are made easier and faster with the swivel function where you can increase or decrease the swivel tension using the coin adjustable stainless steel screw, and whose TriLoc mechanism secures the channel onto the handle, plus the SmartClip feature for securing and adjusting the rubber blade tension; the ErgoTec® Ninja Microfibre Cloth that comes with scrubbing corners for post cleaning, and has a high absorbency courtesy of the microfiber; the ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper that is complemented by a holster that fixes it to the belt, has two working angles- 0°  and 30° , and whose Locking Cone allows it to be fixed onto telescopic poles to safely clean high areas; plus the Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt which is a spacious tool providing fast access to these important tools- from the squeegees and scraper to the washer and cleaning liquid, and its quick release lock can be attached to any belt.

Benefits Of The Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

1. High absorbency

The material of the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm - which includes microfiber, gives it a high water retention capacity. This enables it to absorb more dirt and grime as you work on the window, enhancing its cleaning power, thus reducing the time taken for the process. Add to this the length of the sleeve, which means you get to work on more surface with each stroke of the T-Bar.

2. Effective scrubbing action

There are those kinds of gunk that can't be simply wiped away, and need to be scrubbed off the glass surface. While at this, you want to loosen the dirt and grime without damaging the underlying glass surface. This is made possible by rows of scrubbing bristles that have been built along the length the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm. It doesn’t end there. Each side of the sleeve has an abrasive pad, enabling you to tackle the stubborn dirt and heavy soiling build-ups.

3. Easy usage

Working with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm is straightforward. Simply attach it to the T-Bar, and proceed to dip it into the cleaning solution and wash the window. It has a Velcro fastener that ensures that is has been securely fit onto the T-bar, and won’t come off during use.

4. Long lasting

Window washing is a routine activity in homes and business premises. You want tools that can take you for the long haul, while retaining their operational efficiency. You get that with the Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm. It is machine washable for up to 500 times, giving you extended usage out of every unit you purchase. This is also beneficial to the professional cleaners as they look to cut down on the costs of maintaining their equipment.

Unger Ergotec Ninja Sleeve 35 cm

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