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-professional unger ninja ergotec squeegee 20 cm

-suitable for commercial window cleaning services

-much lighter than standard channel and rubber

-it is compatible “only” with ninja ergotec handle

-manufactured from rust free components

-the most popular type of window cleaning squeegee

Working With The Unger 20cm Ninja Squeegee Channel

Unger has been providing window care products and systems for over half a century. It's now a globally renowned brand, catering to home and business owners, all through to contractors who handle multiple window cleaning jobs on a daily basis. One of its premium systems is the ErgoTec® Ninja family, that has been engineered to meet the quality and performance needs of professional window cleaners. Each of the products is designed to reduce the amount of effort that goes into the cleaning, increasing the speed of the operations, without compromising on the desired quality of results. That way the cleaners can get through numerous windows in a shorter time, reduce their workload, and leave their clients satisfied with sparkling windows. The range of products includes the hard but lightweight ErgoTec® Ninja Washer T-Bar, that's made using anodised aluminium, and comes with high-performance sleeves that have 2-side scrub pads; the ErgoTec® Ninja MicroWipe, that is a high quality cloth made of microfibre and features scrubbing corners that are a neat tool for spot cleaning; all through to the ErgoTec® Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt, that is attached to any belt with its quick-release lock, and can carry the squeegee, washer, scraper, and even the 0.75l cleaning liquid. The Unger Ninja Squeegee is part of this family, and the channel in focus is one of its component parts, in use with the main unit, or as a replacement piece.

Giving Your Windows And Effective Clean

The squeegee setup is designed for optimal performance, with features such as:

• Ergonomic handle

The handle of the squeegee fits well into the hand, and comes with anti-slip rubber that provides enhanced grip. Even the thumb has been textured, that way you have more control, which is vital factoring in the wet conditions that are witnessed during the window cleaning. The handle also has a swivel function, which makes it convenient when working with poles and accessing those hard-to-reach areas. The Unger 20cm Ninja Squeegee Channel is fixed onto this handle.

• Locking mechanisms

This range from the lock on the handle that allows you to secure the swivel head in centre position (when the button is in it's locked, and when the button is out it's unlocked); the ErgoTec® Locking Cone that ensures that the handle doesn’t fall off the pole or start spinning in the middle of the cleaning,; all through to the Smart Clip on both ends of the Unger 20cm Ninja Squeegee Channel. It also has a TriLoc mechanism that connects it to the handle, and it holds the channel securely in place, that way it doesn’t get accidentally separated from the handle. The TriLoc Mechanism also comes in handy when repositioning the channel.

• Fast setup

With the Unger Squeegee, you get ready for the window cleaning in moments. For instance, the Smart Clip that comes on the ends of the Unger 20cm Ninja Squeegee Channel enables you to adjust the tension of the rubber, and it clicks once it has been locked in place. When open, it has a coloured area that serves as an indicator. The Smart Clip can be operated with one hand, even when using gloves. The channel also has Ninja star markings that enable you to ensure that you've set it in a centre position on the handle.

Unger 20cm Ninja Squeegee Channel

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