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-advance ergonomic bi-component handle for comfortable use

-manufactured from premium rust & corrosion free materials

-suitable for domestic and commercial window cleaning jobs

-compatib;e with all types of channel rubbers & channel blades

Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC

You want fast and effective window cleaning systems. Tools that you can use to get rid of the dirt and grime with ease, and not have to spend hours labouring under the hot sun or blistering cold outside. Unger has got you covered with a wide range of cleaning tools, engineered to meet your need for quality and performance. For the squeegee process, this includes units like the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC.

High-Performance Equipment

The complete squeegee setup has been designed to enable you efficiently work on the windows. Each component part comes with features that contribute to this, including:

• The Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC

This is the handle itself. It comes in two versions, the straight (0° ) option which makes working on low windows a breeze, plus the 30°  version which comes in handy when you're reaching above ledges. Both of these models are complete with the swivel action, which is freely adjustable and can also be locked, depending on your particular situation. The handle also has an ergonomic grip, enhancing its comfort when being used.

• S-Channel

The Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC has been specially designed to work with the S-Channel from this same brand. This stainless steel channel cleans the windows with the preferred rubber blade- hard or soft depending on your situation. The rubber blades come in varying lengths, up to 55 cm. The soft ones adjust well to uneven surfaces, and are preferred for the cold temperatures, while the hard blades are ideal for working on smooth surfaces, and suited to the warmer temperatures.

• Adapters

These units are intended to expand the range of the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC. For instance, you may want to work on a hard-to-reach area, or the windows on the upper floors. You don’t have to struggle with ladders, which come with safety risks due to falls that can result in serious bodily injuries. For this, use the ErgoTec® Locking Cone to fix the squeegee onto telescopic poles. It will securely lock the handle in place, keeping the squeegee from twisting or getting pulled off the pole as you go about the cleaning. It also enables fast tool change using its quick-release button.

The Window Cleaning Process

When working on the window, follow these steps:

1. Get the cleaning solution ready. The product you use should be compatible with the particular type of window. The different types of glass, from standard to those with reflective coating and low-E glass have various solutions that can be used on them. Dilute the liquid following the ratio on the product label. Usually you just need to make the solution feel a little slippery to the touch.

2. Wash the glass panes. Dip the washer into the solution, squeeze out the excess, and then work on the window using a circular motion. Washers come in different designs, with absorbent fibres, water wells, and others with rows of scrubbing bristles to make the process more effective. The goal here is to dislodge the dirt from the surface of the window.

Any scraping that is to be carried out should be done here. This is especially when dealing with substances like tape, adhesive residue, stickers and decals that have strongly adhered to the glass surface. Note that there are scrapers which have been designed for use on windows, so avoid turning to common household tools like putty knives and screwdrivers. The scraping should also only be carried out in forward motion. Dragging the scraper back when there is debris trapped under it will scratch the window.

3. Now you can bring out the squeegee. Assemble the rubber and channel, and fix them onto the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC. Check the rubber tension, and run your finger down its edge. It shouldn’t be wavy or too tight. Ensure that there are no nicks on the rubber edge, and that the blade hangs out from both ends of the channel by about half a centimetre.

4. Proceed to squeegee the window. Relax and just let the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC handle sit in your hand. You don’t need to apply much energy for the process. In fact, simply letting the squeegee rest on the window provides the pressure needed for the task.

Glide the squeegee across the window, overlapping the paths taken. You can also work top-to-bottom, or across-and-down. This depends on your preference. Working across is recommended since it gives you more control over the squeegee, allows water to fall evenly down the glass, and makes it easier for you to catch it before it gets to the bottom frame. Speaking of which, you can hold your washer directly under the squeegee, thus catching the water that's dripping directly from it. That way you get to reduce the mess.

5. Wipe the ledges as you go.

Extra Tips To Follow As You Squeegee

• Create a dry zone, which is commonly referred to as "cutting the edge". When the frames get wet, water travels out of them onto the window after you’ve begun squeegeeing, which can be frustrating. Creating a dry region around the window avoids this. This can be done using a cloth, or the squeegee edge, with some practice. If you're right-handed, working from the left to the right of the window, you only need to dry 1-2cm along the top frame and the left side of the of the window. The opposite applies if you’re left-handed. When squeegeeing, start the strokes from the dry section, working your way onto the rest of the window.

• Maintain a consistent base distance as you work on the window. This is the length between the end of the handle of the Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC, to the glass surface. When you extend your little finger as you hold the squeegee, it should come close to touching the glass surface. When the distance is too large, the squeegee may shudder as you use it, thus leaving moisture on the glass, and when this distance is too small it will slow you down.

Unger ErgoTec ® Swivel LOC

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