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-heavy duty professional glass & floor scraper

-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-this scraper can be fitted with a standard handle

-this scraper comes with a stainless steel blade

-10 cm, rust free, very light, very cost effective

Get Rid Of Stubborn Grime With The Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100

Ordinary soiling like the dust layers and finger prints on windows are usually easy to resolve. However, there are those instances when more is needed- especially when there is caked-on debris on the glass. Standard window cleaning techniques like squeegeeing and scrubbing will not be effective when there are paint or concrete splashes on the windows, issues like residue from stickers and labels that had been stuck on the glass, all through the baked-on food particles on your stove. Candlewax, gum- stubborn insect marks, extra varnish on your furniture, soap that’s dried onto your bathroom walls- you want tools that are designed to tackle such situations. That’s what you get with the Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100.

Why You Should Invest In The Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100

1. Reversible sharp/blunt blade

This gives you plenty of flexibility. You can use the sharp blade when working on stubborn grime on glass and other surfaces, then switch to the blunt blade when you’re removing heavy soiling. As such, you get to employ the ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100 on different segments of your cleaning operations, speeding things up and reducing your costs at the same time.

2. Easy blade change

When it comes to switching the blades- like when they get worn out, it isn’t a hustle. With a simple slide, you'll be able to remove the old blade and fix the new one.

3. Enhanced safety

The ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100 has been designed with safety in mind. For starters, it has a protective cap that allows you to change the blades without putting yourself at risk. It also fits securely onto the pole you’re attaching it to with the Locking Cone, ensuring that it doesn't come off or slide during operations.

4. Durable

The Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100 will take you for the long haul. It’s able to withstand both light-duty works like when you’re getting stubborn particles off your windows at home, to heavy duty applications such as removing paint and cement that has stuck to surfaces on your property after renovation works. this has the additional benefit of reducing your costs since you can rely on the Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100 for multiple cleaning sessions, bring you savings over time. Moreover, the product itself is affordably priced, giving you a good deal right from when you make the purchase.

Tips For Using The Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100

• Inspect the condition of the blade before you fix it to the ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100. Ensure that it's not rusted. In addition, check for bends, and ensure that it isn’t chipped off at the corners. When uncertain, you can always switch to a brand new blade.

• Before scraping, lubricate the surface with water or even a soapy cleaning solution

• Scrape with a forward motion. Don’t pull the blade back on the glass, as you may drag some debris and end up creating scratches.

• Take extra care when dealing with tempered glass. It may have raised imperfections, increasing its vulnerability to scratches.

Unger ErgoTec Scraper 10cm EG100

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