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Unger Ergotec T-Bar 35 Cm

  • Highly recommended t-bar system from Unger

  • 35 cm, rubber grip, rust free materials, durable

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

  • Compatible with all Unger telescopic poles

  • It will fit all 35 cm sleeves from all manufacturers

Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm Review

The eyes into the building, you want your windows into be elegant. However, that constant exposure to the elements and pollutants doesn’t allow this. Over time, they are bound to get soiled. The crystal clear glass is replaced by a dull and forlorn look. Windows that were once sparkling become cloudy, streaked with gunk. Where does the grime come from? First, there are the airborne pollutants. Particles floating around in the air, and carried by wind, end up clinging onto the glass. These range from everyday dust, allergens like pollen, vehicle exhaust for the residential and commercial buildings located close to busy streets, to even sea spray for those on the beach. These particles adhere to the windows, from the panes to the seals and frames. Then there are those delivered onto the surface by water. It can be the sprinkler out in the yard that sprayed some droplets onto the windows, those scenarios where one uses the garden hose to attempt to blast away the grime that is on the glass, to the rain, which washes down dirt from the walls and transfers it to the windows. During heavy downpours, the dirt and debris on the screen is usually slammed against the window, making it soiled very fast. Going back to the garden hoses and sprinklers- the water used here comes with dissolved minerals. The typical mains supply clocks between 200-500 parts per million of particle solids. When this water evaporates from the glass, the solids clump up together, resulting in spotting. The hazy maze makes the windows unsightly. Then there are the grease spots, for the windows located close to where there are cooking activities. It can be for the kitchen windows, or those near where the backyard barbeque was being prepared. The grease spots are dirt magnets, trapping more dust particles and accelerating the rate of soiling. Insects too are culprits, leaving streaks of their faecal residue all over the windows- plus the occasional bird that decides to perch on the sill and makes a mess before taking off. Kids and pets too factor in- pressing their hands and faces against the windows, leaving impressions and smudges. Regular cleaning is needed to get rid of these elements from the windows. That's where the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm comes in.

Benefits of the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm

1. Enhanced cleaning action
Different sleeves can be attached to the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm, with the versatility enabling you to remove anything from allergens and dust particles, all through to heavy soiling build-ups. You can use it with the 35cm ErgoTec® Ninja Sleeve, designed with two abrasive pads on each side that are used for scrubbing, and contains microfiber scrubbing bristles, while the main structure uses long fibre for a quality wash; the Original Stripwasher® Sleeve, which is basically the standard sleeve and can be used across the board from the windows and screens to everyday dusting, coming with plush and woven synthetic fabric, and also lasts for long as a result of the hook and loop fastening plus the reinforced zigzag stitched ends; the Micro StripWasher® Sleeve that wholly relies on the cleaning power of mircofbre, puling the dirt particles from the surface of the windows and it is so effective that it usually just uses water for the process- and it also comes with a scrub pad for the needed scrubbing action; the Pad StripWasher® Sleeve, where the front part features the standard woven synthetic fabric, while the back part is a rough-textured and non-abrasive pad that tackles the tough dirt; all through to the Monsoon Plus StripWasher® Sleeve, that is a heavy-duty washer popular for use on the large areas, coming complete with a scrub pad, extra-long fibres and enhanced durability with its hook and loop fastening. 

2. Solid grip
The Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm has been designed for comfort during usage, with its ergonomic and 2-component handle. It feels natural when handling, reduces strain during use, and gives you more control as you work on the windows.

3. Water wells
These have been designed to increase the water retention capacity of the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm. Depending on the sleeve selected, this capacity can further be enhanced. For instance, the woven fabric of the Monsoon Plus StripWasher® Sleeve holds copious amount of water, while the Micro StripWasher® Sleeve can absorb up to 6 times its own weight in water. This further enhances the efficiency of the operations, from soaking up the cleaning solutions to be used, to locking the dirt as it is washed off the windows.

4. Compatible with extension poles
There are those cases when the windows being worked on are beyond arm's reach. With the Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm, you won’t need to exert yourself. Simply fix it onto a telescopic pole and carry on with the cleaning. It is compatible with the poles which come with push cones, and has been specifically designed to fit the ErgoTec Locking Cone, which is used with Unger telescopic poles such as the TelePlus and OptiLoc systems. 

5. Brand you can trust
Unger has been in the window cleaning industry for over 50 years. Through the decades, the company has remained committed to producing quality tools designed to increase worker efficiency and yield superb results. Its customers are core to the operations of the business, and the products provided come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. As such, by turning to Unger products you can be sure that you’re getting a value return for your purchase. From its humble beginnings in Hamburg, Germany, the company is now an international brand, meeting the window cleaning needs of home and business owners, all through to professional cleaning contractors. A market leader in the niche, you'll be joining numerous satisfied customers spread across the continents when you use their range of products. The Unger ErgoTec T-Bar 35 cm keeps to the tempo, enabling you to carry out the window washing effectively, while lasting for long. In addition, it has been affordably priced. As such, you get to incorporate it into your cleaning arsenal without straining your budget.

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