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-industrial and domestic heavy duty glass scraper

-suitable for scraping glue & dirt from all surfaces

-it comes with a heavy duty stainless steel blade

-the blade is covered with a special plastic protector

-one of the most popular scrapers from Unger

Scrape Away The Grime With Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4"

Some gunk is just stubborn and defies efforts to scrub it off your windows. Perhaps its sticker marks left behind after your business pulled down the advertisement and promotional posters from the display windows. It may even be paintwork that spilled over onto the glass during renovation works. Buildings coming right from construction usually have cement debris that has dried onto the surface, which takes painstaking effort to remove. There are also those everyday scenarios like soap drying on the bathroom walls, or even insect smudges streaking across your living room windows. You want a quick solution that will get risk of the gunk with minimal effort. Turn to the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4".

Reasons To Invest In The Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4"

1. Easy to handle

Scraping is made easy with the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4". For starters, it’s lightweight, and can be employed on surfaces both vertical and horizontal. This means that whether you’re working on your windows or kitchen countertops, walls or floors, it will be up to the task. The quick scraping action also reduces the amount of time you spend on those stubborn spots, allowing you to get done in moments.

2. Rubber-coated handle

It’s frustrating then you’re cleaning and your tools keep slipping out of our hands. Since there's bound to be water involved in the process, you don’t want these incidences to keep happening. The Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4" design solves that by incorporating a rubber coated handle, which ensures you have firm grip whenever you’re using it.

3. Protection cap

Safety is key, especially when you’re dealing with blades that at have been designed to cut right through hardened soiling. The protective cap of the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4" ensures that that you are safe during operation and storage.

4. Easy blade change

The design of the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4" allows you to easily swap between blades. Whether it’s during setup and you’re preparing the scraper for use, or it's time to change the blade after prolonged usage, you won’t find yourself stuck struggling to switch the blades.

5. Cost-friendly

You want a quality product without punching a hole through your wallet. The affordable price of the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4" enables you to do so. In addition, its strong structure enables you to get extended usage, thus lowering the costs of your cleaning supplies in the long run.

Extra Tips When Working With The Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4"

• Always start by assessing the condition of the blade that you’re fixing to the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4". Ensure that it is in good condition. This means that it shouldn’t be rusted, bent or chipped.

• Ensure that the glass is well-lubricated when scraping it. This is not complicated- simply wet it with some water. You can even use a soapy cleaning solution. When the glass dries mid-scraping, wet it again.

• Scrape using forward plough-like motion. Basically, you should scrape forward, lift the Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4" off the glass, then scrape forward again. Do not slide the scraper backwards, as this may result in you trapping debris under the blade, which will create scratches.

Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm/4"

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