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-high quality commercial window cleaning squeegee

-the 45cm size is ideal for big glass panels or windows

-it is compatible with unger ninja ergotec flexi handle

-manufactured from rust & corrosion free materials

-it cleans quick & it provides streak free finish all the time

Quality Window Care With The Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel

This channel is a component part of the ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee, engineered to be fixed onto the handle, and hold the rubber for the window cleaning process. You can also acquire it as a replacement. It comes with a strong build, having been made using lightweight and durable T-6 aircraft aluminium. Its high strength enables it to withstand the demands of heavy window cleaning, that is a requirement for contractors working on multiple windows in residential and commercial establishments. When you're handling intensive window cleaning jobs, you want equipment that can last for the long haul, delivering consistent results all through. You can get that with the Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel.

The squeegee itself is part of the larger ErgoTec Ninja System, which consists of premium washers, microfiber cloths, and even pocket scrapers. These products have been designed with the professional window cleaner in mind, where you want to reduce your costs of operation, and the amount of effort required for the tasks, while increasing the quality of results to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the outcome you deliver. The Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel, being one of the parts of the squeegee, plays its role in the overall scheme of operations, enhancing your performance and making the window cleaning process a breeze.

Using The Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel

Start by fixing the rubber to the channel. It comes with the Smart Clip feature- an improved end clip mechanism that securely holds the rubber in place. The clips are on both ends of the Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel. They click once in place, and have a coloured area that indicates when the clip is open. When adjusting the tension of the rubber, simply pull it. This can be carried out by one hand- or even when wearing gloves.

To fix the Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel onto the handle, ensure that it is in the centre position. The design has made this simpler for you by including Ninja star markings, that enable easy positioning. Lock the channel in place, using the TriLoc mechanism. This ensures that the channel won’t get separated from the handle during usage.

After setting up the rest of the squeegee, e.g. attaching it to a pole when intending to work on hard-to-reach sections, you are good to go.

The Cleaning Process

Using the squeegee is a breeze. It doesn’t require much energy or skill. Actually it's just a simple act of moving your wrist and fingers. You don’t need to use your whole body. In addition, avoid gripping the handle too tightly.

Apply gentle pressure on the glass, and glide the squeegee across the window. Ensure that the top edge of the Unger squeegee has been positioned slightly forward, in order to guide the moisture down the glass. You can move from side-to-side, or top-to-bottom, depending on your preference. Cleaning across is recommended because it enables you to keep a consistent base angle, and gives you better control of the squeegee. Moreover, it helps in ensuring the moisture flows evenly down the glass, making it easier to catch it before it gets to the bottom frame. Don't go stopping and starting. Use one stroke when gliding across the window. This is to prevent streaks from forming.

When making the next stroke, slightly overlap with the previous one.

Taking Care Of Your Unger Ninja Squeegee

• Always inspect the rubber before usage. Simply run your finger down its length, ensuring that it feels perfectly straight. It shouldn’t be wavy, stretched, or too tight. You can adjust the tension by pulling it at the end when the Smart Clips are closed, or going ahead and opening the clip.

• Always store the squeegee when it's clean and dry. In addition, don't store it in a position where the weight of the squeegee is rested on the rubber. This can result in wear.

• To replace the Smart Clips on the Unger 45cm Ninja Squeegee Channel, you can carry it out by hand, or use a screwdriver.

Unger Ninja Erogotec Squeegee 45 cm

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