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Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 Cm

-professional bi-component handle with 180° swivel head

-manufactured from rust & corrosion free components

-suitable for commercial & domestic window cleaning

-compatible with all Unger extension & telescopic handles

-the most popular size of t-bar from Unger brand

Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm Review

When it comes to window care, you want products that will get rid of those dust layers, insect residue, the smoke that has accumulated on the glass, grease spots, fingerprint smudges and paw prints- and other kinds of gunk, restoring the sparkle to your installation. That way you won’t be greeted by unsightly windows each time you draw your curtains or pull up your driveway, or lose customers who form a negative perception about your enterprise because they found its windows in a messy state when they came in search of your products and services. Whether it’s at home or in business premises, the state of the windows reflects on the rest of the building. Give them a thorough wash with the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm.

ErgoTec® Ninja Window Cleaning System

Professional window cleaners face specific issues during their day to day operations. First, there is the amount of work that is required to be done. With multiple contracts in the pipeline, for residential and commercial establishments, those are a lot of windows that need to be catered to. This involves plenty of labour. You want to work with equipment that can reduce the amount of effort required for the process, that way you can work on more windows within a shorter time, delivering results faster to your clients. Then there is the strength of the tools involved. With such a workload, you want tools that can stand up to the task. Frequent repairs and replacements will drive up your costs, and eat into your profits. This calls for durability. Ultimately, there is the need to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the process carried out. The survival of the business is hinged on this. Happy customers are also great at growing your business, since they refer you to their friends and family. This is an opportunity that holds loads of potential for your business.

The ErgoTec® Ninja range of products have been specifically designed with the professional window cleaner in mind. They put emphasis on quality and performance. These include the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm that’s being reviewed here, the ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee with its 30° and 40° head angle versions on the handle- which is also ergonomic and comes with anti-slip rubber to give you enhanced grip as you carry out the cleaning; the ErgoTec® Ninja Microfiber Cloth that has a high absorbency due to its 400 g/m² material thickness, and can last for up to 500 wash cycles; the 2-in-1 ErgoTec® Ninja Scraper where you can switch the working angle of its corrosion-resistant steel mechanism between 0° and 30° at the push of a button, and comes with blades that have been taken through precision honing to remove the debris from glass surfaces; all through to the nifty Ninja Bucket-On-A-Belt with its clip lock that fits any belt and is suitable to both right- and left-handed window cleaners.

Benefits Of The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm

1. High absorbency

The fibres of the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm have a high absorbency, which gives it superb water retention capacity. This, in addition to the length of the sleeve, enables you to cover more area within a shorter time, further enhancing the efficiency of operations.

2. Thorough wash

The blend of scrubbing fibre rows - including microfiber, and highly absorbent material enables you to scrub and lift the grime off the windows. The dirt and grime are loosened for easy rinsing off, without posing any risk to the underlying glass surface. The sleeve used with the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm also has scrub pads on 2 sides, that provide the extra scrubbing power needed for those sections of the window that have heavy grime build-ups.

3. Tough build

The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm has been designed to stand up to the heavy usage that is witnessed in professional window cleaning jobs- where the contractors work on multiple installations on a daily basis. It is a strong anodized aluminium T-Bar.

4. Swivel function

This is designed to give you a wider scope of use. The swivel function of the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm allows you to adjust its angle up to 180°. This angle can then be securely locked into position at the push of a button. This feature makes it suited for pole work. You also get to adjust the swivel tension with the stainless steel screw using an ordinary coin.

5. Easy to use

With the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm, washing the windows is a breeze. The structure is ergonomic, from the handle that fits snuggly in the hands, to its non-slip rubber that prevents slipping and gives you greater control. You get to fit the accompanying sleeve onto the Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm securely with the Velcro fastener. That way you won’t have to worry about it coming off during usage. The anodized aluminium construction, though strong, is also lightweight, reducing the amount of energy you spend on the process. What's more, it has been designed to allow you to work without straining your arms or shoulders.

Proven track record

With Unger, you get over 50 years of quality and experience. The company has been producing window cleaning products and systems since it was established in 1964, in Hamburg Germany. The founder, Henry Unger, introduced the window cleaning innovations from the USA into the German market, and since then the company has invested heavily in improving on the designs and diversifying the product range to meet the changing consumer needs. From evolving window types, increased demand for high-performance products, and more emphasis on safety of both the cleaner and the windows being worked on, the team at Unger has worked to engineer systems that are up to the task. Over the years, they have developed a global market base, and are a renowned brand trusted across the scope- from homeowners to professional window cleaners. Each of the products offered is actually covered by the Unger 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, which goes to show the company's commitment to deliver quality products that meet the expected standards. The Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm maintains the tempo, and you can trust it to give you optimal performance.

Unger Ninja T-Bar 35 cm

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