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-highly popular safety scraper with rubber cover

-very popular within the window cleaning industry

-made from rust free metal  & stainless steel

-the blade can be retracted to avoid accidents

-very easy blade changing system - sliding in

Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" Review

Scraping is an easy process that allows you to get rid of the gunk that's stuck on surfaces around your home or workplace, from the window to the walls, worktops and even floor. You only need to wet then grab your scraper to swipe off the gunk. Paint and cement splashes on windows, gum on driveways and parking lots, candle-wax on countertops, dried on food on stove tops, hardened soap on your shower walls, the mud that's caked-onto your car's headlights- they can be got rid of through scraping, which allows you to focus your energies on the rest of the cleaning process. For it to be successful, you want to use quality products. You can get that with the Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5".

Benefits Of The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5"

1. All-round scraping

The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" handles it all, from the dried on dirt and cement splashes on windows, the food residue that has clung on the kitchen countertops and refused to get scrubbed off, all through to paintwork. Simply fix the blades onto the scraper and slice the gunk off the surfaces you're working on.

2. Tough build

The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" is sturdy and durable, allowing it to give you extended usage for your cleaning needs. It will handle light-duty and heavy-duty use without getting structural failure, thus allowing you to save on costs you would have incurred on frequent replacements.

3. Compact

It will fit into your pocket. The small and portable design allows you to carry the Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" wherever you're going as you carry out your cleaning operations, and it takes up very little shelf space. The easy storage is convenient whether you’re using it at home or you’re running a cleaning company and are looking for portable tools that you can work with.

4. Retractable design

The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" is designed to keep you safe. You won’t find yourself accidently getting scraped while it is in your pocket. This also makes it safe to store, as you get to worry less about your pets and kids getting injured by it

5. Multipurpose

The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" can be used on numerous surfaces in residential and commercial establishments alike. Turn to it to get rid of those stubborn particles that are on your windows, the food and grease that's baked onto your stove tops, getting sticker residue left on shop front windows etc. You can use it to remove the sediment on your patio doors, wall tiles all through to the floors. This makes it a handy tool to have during your cleaning operations.

Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5"

• When scraping, ensure that you only swipe forward. Pulling back the scraper when it’s on the glass will result in you trapping debris under the blade and dragging it on the surface, which risks creating scratches.

• Inspect the state and quality of the blade on the Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5" before using it. Ensure that it's not rusted, or having its edge chipped off. You can easily replace blades with new ones when they get worn out over time.

Unger Pocket Scraper ErgoTec 4 cm/1.5"

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