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-stainless steel channel & rubber from Unger

-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-streak free window cleaning guaranteed

-it will fit all handles from all brands & makes

-Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm 

Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm 

The windows are some of the first things that people notice about a building. From homes to business premises, getting rid of the dirt and grime on the windows is vital. Over time, the glass panes accumulate dust, water spots, spray, and contaminants from oxidation and even acid rain, reducing the visibility. By reducing the amount of natural light getting into the interior space, the rooms look darker and more gloomy. That is certainly not what you want for your living or working space. A thorough cleaning will remove these agents, making the interior space appear more beautiful and appealing, increasing the comfort levels. The contaminants can also react with the structural components of the window, from the glass panes to the frames, causing them to weaken over time. You don’t want your units getting damaged over an issue that can easily be taken care of with regular cleaning. Even the health of the building’s occupants is on the line, given that the soiling on the windows also includes allergens, that can get blown into the indoor space and cause respiratory problems. From the aesthetic appeal to your individual comfort, instituting a proper window cleaning schedule will go a long way. For this, you want quality tools that you can rely on to get the work done. A squeegee is core to the window cleaning process. Unger, an industry leader in window care, has developed the S Squeegee which has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness in getting the job done. This review will focus on one of its components: the Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm unit.

Benefits Of The Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm

  1. Durable build

The S Channel gets to take you through multiple window cleaning sessions, due to the durability of its construction. It has been made using strong stainless steel, which also happens to be lighter than brass, meaning that you don’t expend much energy during the cleaning. 

  1. Quick set up

The Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm comes with variable positioning design. This is especially handy when working on the different sections of the window- those situations where you need to work at an angle, or deal with the edges. You can easily change the rubber blade as needed, with the quick switching saving your time as you undertake the task- be it at home during the routine chores, or you’re a professional window cleaning company looking for tools that speed up your result delivery. 

Once the Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm is ready, simply fit it into the handle, where the S- Spring mechanism will make this a breeze. The handle is also constructed with stainless steel, making it a durable choice. In addition, the handle is rubber-coated, that way you get to retain grip when working in the wet and soapy conditions that are typical of the window cleaning process. For those dealing with windows that are high and out of reach, you don’t need to get a ladder. This would put you at risks of fall accidents, especially with the balancing act involved as you climb up and down the ladders carrying a bucket of cleaning solution and squeegee. The S Squeegee setup can be fitted onto a telescopic pole, which extends your reach and allows you to work on even those upper floor windows without having to leave the ground. This is also beneficial in preventing damage to the walls, stucco and yard that’s caused by ladders.

  1. Ideal for cooler weather

With a shore hardness of 53 ± 2, the soft rubber enables you to retain effectiveness even when there are colder temperatures. You can also use the Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm when working on uneven surfaces. 

  1. Affordable

You want to maintain sparkling windows without putting a strain on your budget. The pocket friendly pricing of the Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm enables you to achieve this. What’s more, the durability of each unit purchased enables it to take you for the long haul, accruing you savings.

Tips For Cleaning Your Window

  • Inspect the squeegee before you use it. An analysis, running your finger along the edges of the rubber blade, will tell you if it is ready to use. It should feel straight from end-to-end, and not wavy, too tight or stretched.

  • In case there are nicks on one edge of the rubber after multiple cleaning sessions, you can quickly remove it from the channel and switch over to its sharper edge. Change the rubber after it begins showing signs of wear. 

  • How much pressure do you use with the S Squeegee? You don’t have to grip it so hard and press on the window. Relaxing your wrist and arm as you hold the handle will make the task easier. Besides, not much pressure is needed for the cleaning, with the weight of the constituent parts, including the Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm, being sufficient. Let the squeegee sit comfortably in your hand, gently grip the handle, and proceed with the task.

  • It's recommended that you work in horizontal strokes, instead of from top to bottom. This will give you more control of the squeegee, and also help in directing the water down. Speaking of which, placing a window washer under the squeegee as you glide it across the window will catch the drips and reduce the mess created. 

  • Wipe the ledges in the course of the window cleaning, which will reduce the amount of work waiting for you at the end.

  • When working on the windows on upper floors- and even for the ground floor windows where you are unable to reach the top sections, simply fit the squeegee into a telescopic pole.  There are different options available, extending your reach to as high as 10m, while being light enough not to strain you. This enables you to avoid the risks associated with using ladders, and also saves on the time taken when moving

    Unger S Channel & Soft Rubber 35cm 

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