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-heavy duty concentrated window cleaning liquid

-it will deep clean and polish windows & glass

-long lasting, fast acting and very affordable

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-available in 1 l bottles or 5 L container

Quality Window Cleaning With Unger Liquid

Do you have dirt and grime soiling your windows? Have they created coats on the glass surface making it dull and dilapidated? Are there insect streaks ruining the appeal of your installation, and spots that cast unsightly shadows into the interior space when light enters the rooms? From homes to office buildings, hotels to medical institutions, recreational centres to education facilities, the windows are bound to get dirty over time. The grime takes away the curb appeal, and affects factors such as how much natural sunlight is let into the building, and how heat flows through the window. There are cases where the glass gets etched or operability of the windows is affected, adding to your troubles. You don`t want to live or work like this. You want the beauty and elegance brought back to your windows, and that's right up the alley of the Unger Liquid. Just what does it have to offer?

Superior cleaning action
The Unger Liquid cuts through the dirt and grime on the windows with ease, enabling you to get sparkling results. It picks up the particles adhering to the glass surface, working away those stubborn grease spots and enabling you to enjoy the view out of the newly cleaned windows. A high efficacy washing soap, the Unger Liquid literally pulls the dirt particles off your windows, restoring the elegance to your establishment.

Safe for use
When it comes to dealing with windows, you don`t want products that will react with the glass or corrode the seals and frames. The structural integrity of the installation is on the line, and you want to be sure that the product you're using will get rid of the dirt without creating more problems. With the Unger Liquid, you can rest assured that your windows are safe. It has been specially designed for the task, and is tough on the dirt but gentle on the windows. What`s more, there are no toxic fumes generated during the cleaning, enhancing the safety of the window cleaning personnel plus the rest of the persons on the establishment. An eco-friendly product, using the Unger Liquid additionally enables you to get sparkling results and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Straightforward usage
Working with the Unger Liquid to clean windows is a breeze. Simply add it to water, and you're good to go. Note that it is a concentrated product hence will need to be diluted. Mix it using a 1:100 ratio, such as 10ml of product with 1L of water.

Unger Liquid

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