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-professional squeegee grip handle from Unger

-compatible with most channel rubber blades

-manufactured from heavy duty rust free materials

-light, ergonomic, great grip & very long lasting

-the most popular stainless steel handle from Unger

Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle Review

The success of your window cleaning operation depends largely on the type of equipment you use. You want to end up with sparkling windows, without having to spend hours on the task. The squeegee has become a core part of the window cleaning process, used across the scope in residential and commercial setups alike. It’s a simple yet elegant design, where just a quick pass the squeegee removes the water, soaps, dirt, oils and other residue on the glass, leaving behind a dry and clean window. It’s also fun too. In fact, squeegeeing windows is one of the chores that are actually relaxing to undertake. It goes beyond the windows. The squeegee setup allows it to be used for cleaning hard surfaces in areas like restrooms. For instance, when dealing with the water that is left behind after showers on the walls and doors, making a simple pass with the squeegee will enable you to direct the water to the drain. Combining it with cleaning products enhances the efficacy of the premises. Thus, you are able to dry the area much faster compared to using towels or wipes, and get to prevent issues that crop up due to wet conditions- such as discouraging mildew growth. The principle is the same when it comes to horizontal surfaces like countertops and bars. Used with a detergent or even just plain water, squeegeeing allows you to clean and dry the surface simultaneously. In fact, it is so fast in this, that schools all over are incorporating squeegees when cleaning classroom desks. It's even more durable compared to conventional methods such as working with towels and rags. Whiteboards, chalkboards, the partitions in restrooms- the squeegee can be used on multiple surfaces.

While the squeegees process is simple and straightforward, what of the actual quality of the equipment used? You want to work with a setup that is durable, and engineered to enhance the ergonomics of the process. You get that with a system like the S Squeegee from Unger. It is used by homeowners and professional window cleaning companies alike. Here is a look at its component part, the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle.

Benefits Of The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle

  1. Solid build

You want sturdy equipment that can withstand multiple cleaning sessions. The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle is up to the task. It comes with a strong stainless steel construction, that enables it to bear the brunt of frequent cleaning, even for the companies carrying our residential and commercial window cleaning for multiple clients on a daily basis. You can also add it to your gear for the occasional window care and maintenance at home, and since it is a durable product it will get to last you for long. The stainless steel also makes it stronger and lighter than alternatives like brass, thus reducing the amount of energy you expend for the task. 

  1. Rubber coated grip

When cleaning, you don’t want the squeegee slipping out of your hand. It can result in a mess, or even injuries may occur. With the wet and soapy process that withe window cleaning is, you want to know that you have a firm grip on the equipment as you go about the task. The rubber-coated Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle provides this, enabling you to get through the job without the unfortunate incidences. This prevents slip, and you can use the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle in the different weather conditions.

  1. Fast assembly

The design of the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle cuts down the assembly time. It comes with a Fast-lock handle that enables you to quickly switch between blades and channels. The complete S Squeegee setup includes:

  • Channel

It has an S- Spring fitting mechanism, where one simply presses and releases as needed. The channels come in different sizes, from 15 to 55cm, allowing you to work with the setup that suits your particular needs. Like the Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle, it also has a stainless steel construction. The different positioning options that are available with the channel give you more adaptability when working on different situations and angles. The channels are available in packs of 10.

  • Rubber

This is the bit that comes into contact with the window itself as you clean. There are both hard and soft options of rubber blades to work with. The soft rubber, with a shore hardness of 53 ± 2, is ideally used in areas with colder temperatures, and also gets to adjust much better to surfaces that are uneven. The hard rubber option comes with a shore hardness of 60 ± 2, and is preferable for when there are warmer temperatures. It’s especially easy to work with when dealing with the surfaces that are smooth and large. 

  • The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle under review here.

  1. Fits onto telescopic poles

When working on windows at great heights, you don’t want to be forced to drag around a ladder. Climbing up and down the rungs, carrying the bucket with the cleaning solution is not only laborious, but it also puts you at risk. Fall accidents from using ladders are common. In case it has rained, the ground is slippery, exacerbating the situation. In a region with uneven ground, there may be tilting, increasing the risk of accidents occurring. Telescopic poles come in to enable you to avoid the risk. Unger has a diverse system of telescopic poles that you can use for the window cleaning, with some extending as high as 10m. The Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle fits into the poles, enabling you to access those windows on the upper floors from the safety of the ground. This reduces the amount of energy spent on the process, and also speeds things up as you carry out the cleaning. It also has the welcome benefit of increasing privacy, especially for the bedrooms that are on the upper floors, where the occupants won’t be worried about a face popping up outside their window.

Unger S Squeegee Grip Handle 

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