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-light ergonomic telescopic aluminium handle

-compatible with all Unger t-bars & squeegee

-made from rust and corrosion free materials

-1.85 m / 3 sections / suitable for heavy duty use

Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections Review

One of the core factors of window cleaning is safety. After all, you can’t put a price on a person’s well-being. No one wants to fall and sprain a muscle, or fracture a bone while trying to get to that hard-to-reach corner, or while working on those upper floor windows using a ladder. Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime that’s on the windows, not wind up in hospital with injuries and huge medical bills. Then there is the workload involved during the cleaning. Setting up the ladder under every window, carrying around buckets of water up and down the rungs, or soaking up the washers and cloths, dashing up to wipe the glass panes, and then rushing back down to rinse and wring them can be frustrating. This is compounded when you have lots of windows to work on. Telescopic poles such as the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections have been designed to solve this issue.

In a fast-paced world, time is precious. For property owners and professional window cleaners, you want to carry out the task in minimal time- without compromising on the quality of the results. Traditional approaches, such as using ladders, consume loads of time, carrying them around, and for others like the rope and cradle system the setup stage alone takes long. When working on multiple windows, you want to be able to cut down on the time spent on assembling your gear, to the cleaning itself. This can be achieved with telescopic poles. While on this line, you want quality products. Equipment that has been built to last, durable enough to handle the heavy usage that comes with professional window cleaning. You may also be a homeowner looking for tools that can take you for the long haul, cutting down on the costs of repair and maintenance. The Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections comes in to give you top performance and efficiency.

Renowned for Quality

Unger has been operating in the window care industry for over half a century now. Founded in 1964, the company has grown rapidly, and its products are used all over the world. It has invested heavily in developing products that address the diverse consumer needs, and its success is testament to the level of quality to expect from the brand. By using Unger products, you will be joining numerous satisfied customers across the continents, who have trusted the company over the years, and have been satisfied with the effectiveness provided by the systems they provide. When it comes to telescopic poles, the UniTec™ 3 Sections delivers on its mandate of enabling faster and safer window cleaning each time.

Benefits Of The Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections

1. High-access

When dealing with high-rise windows, walls, gables, skylights, and even ceilings, you want to be able to access them without much hustle. Dragging around ladders will take a toll on you, and result in issues like digging holes in the landscaping, and damaging the building’s stucco. With the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections, you get to avoid that, simplifying the job and allowing you to reach these high areas. They come in different sizes, and the 3 sections allow you to extend the pole to your desired length.

2. Safety

You don’t have to keep climbing up and down ladders, precariously balancing cleaning solutions and watching your footing. Add issues like rain making the ground slippery, uneven terrain that causes tilting- you want to get the surfaces clean, not risk getting sprains and fractures from falling from heights. With the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections, you get to work on the high areas from the safety of the ground. Whether it's at home, or you're a professional cleaner working on residential and commercial establishments, this approach dramatically cuts down the risk of injuries.

3. Multipurpose

There are numerous scenarios where heights are involved while working. From washing the grime off windows using T-Bars that have sleeves attached to them, brushes that scrub out the stubborn grime from those hard-to-reach areas, squeegees when working on windows, solar panels and even skylights, plus dusting operations on walls and ceilings. The Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections is versatile, allowing you to use it with the washers, squeegees, dusters and brushes as you go about the cleaning.

4. Secure lock

One of the things you don’t want as you’re cleaning is for the equipment to get detached and fall apart. Not only would this be inconveniencing, but it would also likely result in injury. With the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections, you don’t have to worry about that. These poles come with interior locks that firmly secure with just half a turn in either direction. For the connection with the other equipment, the ErgoTec® Locking Cone mechanism ensures that it is a solid link that won’t come off. These are for any tools that come with a hole in the handle, and have the "LOCK" inscribed onto it.

5. Fast cleaning

Less time is spent setting up the gear- as opposed to if ladders, rope and cradle systems and similar approaches are used. Simply fix the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections onto the intended tool, be it a washer or squeegee, scraper or brush, and proceed with the cleaning. The ErgoTec® Locking Cone itself enables fast tool change with its quick-release button. This method also means you get to shift from one spot to another faster, getting through more surface within a short amount of time. That's a welcome benefit whether you’re a homeowner looking to get through more chores faster, or a professional cleaner with multiple sections that need to be worked on. Each of the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections comes with an ergonomic handle, making usage a breeze.

6. Cost-effective

You get to make savings in various ways with the Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections. Right from the start, there’s its affordable price tag. Bulk packaging also lowers the cost with each purchase, which is particularly beneficial for cleaning contractors with multiple personnel on the job, where you want seamless service delivery. The durability of the units also gives you prolonged usage out of the poles, cutting down on your window care costs in the long run. Reducing risks of injuries and the associated medical costs is a welcome bonus.

Unger UniTec™ 3 Sections

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