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-unique window cleaning system from Unger

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-premium squeegee and microfiber washer

-it will fit all unger aluminium extendable poles

-35 cm squeegee & 35 cm washer & plastic handle

Get A Faster Clean With The Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm

When it comes to getting your windows clean, two key factors are speed and effectiveness. You want to get quality results, but not have to spend ages working on the glass. The Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm is specially designed to make the process a breeze. Here's what you get from it:

Combined squeegee and washer
This design cuts down on the time and energy you would have otherwise spent keeping on changing the tools in between the cleaning process. Each unit comes with a squeegee and washer, and the comfortable handle further increases the ergonomics when handling it.

Locking cone
You don`t have to worry about the Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm twisting, or losing your grip as you work. It comes with a locking cone that enables it to fit firmly to the designated poles. This has the additional benefit of enhancing the safety of the personnel working on the windows.

Built to last
Window cleaning is not a one-time operation. Be it in residential establishments- from apartments, duplexes, bungalows to condominiums, or commercial establishments be they office buildings, hospitality venues, entertainment centres, all through to healthcare institutions, you want equipment that can handle multiple window cleaning sessions. The Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm fits the bill. The high quality rubber, coupled with blended fabric material that has the 100% polyethylene support structure and 100% polyacrylic fibres, means that it will take you for the long haul, giving you optimal usage from your investment. This makes it a popular tool for homeowners and professional window cleaning companies who handle numerous clients a day.

In addition to its application in both residential and commercial window cleaning operations, you can work with the soft rubber option that easily adjusts to those uneven surfaces, or the hard rubber that is suitable for the large smooth surfaces. You get all this without straining your budget, as the Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm has been affordably priced.

Unger Visa-Versa Squeegee & Washer 35 Cm

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