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-professional window cleaning sleeve & t-bar

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-manufactured from rust & corrosion free materials

-light, ergonomic, cost effective & very durable

-try Unger window cleaning equipments

StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac Review

The constant exposure of the windows to the elements, all that dust and environmental pollutants, insects scurrying around on the panes and the occasional bird perching on the sills, means that they will eventually get soiled. Hard water spots, oxidation effects with the frames, faecal residue from the insects and birds, concrete leaching- they ruin the appeal of the windows. Some of the gunk is artificial, like the residue left behind after posters that had been put up are removed, or the simple case of your kids doodling on the windows with marker pens, or pressing their fingers and nostrils against the glass, leaving behind prints. Pets are also guilty of the latter too, slobbering up the glass with their tongues, noses and paws, transferring whatever gunk was on them onto the windows. Routine window cleaning is vital to get rid of these substances. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the views outside the property, and let in the natural sunlight to bathe the interior and brighten up the space. From homes to commercial environments, the clean windows are vital for the appearance of the building, plus the comfort and hygiene standards of the occupants. You also want to protect the windows themselves, seeing that the dirt and grime are a threat to their structural integrity, as they increase the rate of deterioration. The weakened structure is more susceptible to damage, resulting in costly repairs being needed. This is not how you want things to play out- and it can all be avoided by carrying out a thorough clean. Your success in this depends on the quality of the equipment you use. You want tools that can effectively deliver on their mandate, tough on the dirt but gentle on the window. You also want products that will reduce your workload, speeding up the process and minimising on the amount of muscle needed for the cleaning. When it comes to giving your windows a quality wash, turn to the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac.

Unger products are popular all around the world. The company has been developing them for over 50 years, and has built a loyal customer base, as a result of the high quality that they provide. The developers bring forth tools that work on the various stages of the cleaning, from the washing and scrubbing, to scraping, the squeegees, and even wiping. The tools cater to the different consumer needs, from poles to extend one's reach to the high-rise windows, to professional cleaners looking for enhanced performance and durability. As such, you can rest assured that you’re getting a value return of your money’s worth when you make the purchase. The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac maintains the expected quality standards, and you can employ it when working on your windows to get superb results and protect your installation.

Benefits of The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

1. Enhanced cleaning power

You get to remove the dirt and debris that is making your windows unsightly and threatening their structural integrity. The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac is used at the first stage of the cleaning, dipping it into the solution and proceeding to work on the window, before following up with the rinsing and squeegee. Its sleeve is made using synthetic fabric, that is plush and woven, with a hook and loop fastening. It absorbs the gunk, lifting it off the surfaces being worked on and locking it within its material. Its high absorbency means you won’t have to worry about it simply spreading around the dirt on the windows. What's more, it has a high water retention capacity, as a result of the fibres themselves, plus the water wells on the T-Bar

2. Durable construction

The StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac gets to be used for multiple cleaning sessions, as a result of the strength of the setup. The sleeve itself has reinforced zigzag stitched ends. This, coupled with the polyacrylic material of the fibres, and polyethylene for the support material, give it enhanced durability. The sleeve can be laundered by machine up to 500 times. The T-Bar holding the sleeve has a polypropylene build, that stands up to the demand of frequent window cleaning.

3. Versatile

You can use the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac for washing the windows, getting rid of the gunk that has built up on the screens, or for dusting surfaces around the establishment. It comes in different sizes, such as the 25cm/10", 35cm/14" and 45cm/18" options. That way you get to work with the product that suits your particular situation. By attaching it to the preferred adapter- like the plastic HiFlo nLite Locking Cone Adapter that attaches the classic tools to nlite poles, and features the ErgoTec® Locking Cone, or the MultiLink Thread Adapter that has a screw adjustment, you also get to extend the number of tools it is compatible with, widening your scope.

4. Easy to use

Working with the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac is a breeze. It’s a lightweight tool, and doesn’t require much energy to use. The ergonomic T-bar feels natural in the hand, and is comfortable to work with. In addition, you can use it with an extension pole for working on those high-rise windows and other hard-to-reach areas. Simply press it onto the pole. The special grooves on the cone enable it to form a secure fit. The extended reach with the telescopic poles allows you the flexibility of working from the safety of the ground, lowering the associated risks that come with using ladders, and also enabling you to get through more windows within a shorter time.

5. Budget-friendly

With the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac, you get to reduce your overall cleaning costs. It has an affordable price tag, and you can purchase multiple units in boxes and pallets. This allows you to effectively meet your window cleaning needs. Whether it’s at home or you’re a professional cleaning company, the extended usage as a result of the durability of the StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac enables you to accrue savings in the long run. Quality care for the windows also protects them from deterioration, meaning you get to avoid the hefty repair costs that would have been realised had the windows been poorly attended to.

Unger StripWasher ® Original Strip Pac

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