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-made from extra strong carbon steel

-two sharp sides for extra durability

-suitable for window & floor cleaning

-both sides are lacquered for rust protection

-available in packs of 25 blades

-each blade is wrapped in paper for safety

Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm Review

Here’s what you get when you turn to the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm to clean your windows:

1. Superior scrapping power The Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm enable you to get rid of the gunk and muck that is stuck to your windows, allowing for a fast clean and to bring back the elegance to your installation. The extra sharp carbon steel blade, with two sharp edges for the glass scrapers, works away stickers, decals, tape, residue paint, and other stuck debris from the glass. That way, light can get into the interior space and you can enjoy the view outside your premises without being blocked by the spots on the glass. There are also surface scrapers, that come with a reversible sharp/blunt blade. The sharp side will get rid issues like the stickers, while the blunt side is ideal for removing heavy-duty dirt.

2. Durable The enhanced strength of the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm comes from their high-quality structure, which is available either as flexible stainless steel or robust carbon steel blade. Whichever the case, you get to go about your window care without worrying about the blades breaking in the middle of the process. This also enables each of the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm to last for long, and gives you extended usage, with further cuts down on your costs. Moreover, both sides of the blades are lacquered to provide enhanced rust protection.

3. Easy to use Using the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm is a breeze, from the setup to getting to work on the windows. The blade change is carried out with a simple slide, and it comes with a protective cap for safety. The Locking Cone also ensures that the blade fits securely to the pole, taking away risks of injury. Each of the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm goes through a precise honing process, which creates a sharp and consistent cutting angle, making every pass of the scraper to be effective. The blades are packed and stored safely in a plastic dispenser that keeps them dry and also allows convenient removal.

4. Versatile The blades are compatible with Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper- EG100, Unger ProTrim Scraper - TX100, and Unger Trim Scraper - TM100. As such, you don’t need a complicated tool kit, with different arsenal for each of the blade types that you want to use. The wide range of compatibility allows you to easily switch between the scrapers, without having to find a different set for each of the blade types purchased.

5. Trusted brand Unger has been providing window cleaning solutions for over half a century, and has a client base that spans all around the world. Surviving and thriving for so long in the industry requires a strict adherence to quality production standards, and meeting customer satisfaction. That's what you get when you invest in the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm. Each of the wide range of products in the brand is covered under Unger 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, which goes a long way to show the level of commitment to delivering on their mandate.

6. Affordable The Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm come at a budget friendly price. This enables you to meet your window care needs without punching a hole through your wallet. What’s more, every pack contains 25 of the Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm, hence every purchase you make gets to take you for the long haul.

Unger ErgoTec Blades 10 Cm


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