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V Sweeper 40 Inch

  • Brand: 18
  • Product Code: 1196oool
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-superb cleaning capacity and superb floor coverage in one go

-easy to handle and very easy to clean its microfiber sleeves

-it reduces time needed to hoover the floors by up to 50%

-the sleeve is washable and it can be washed up to 3000 times

-suitable for large commercial areas like schools, sport rooms, etc

-capable of collecting even the smallest particles of dust

-suitable to clean most types of floors, sealed or unsealed



V Sweeper 40” – Where to use

V Sweeper 40” was designed to allow cleaning of bigger floor surfaces faster and without the need for expensive electric equipment. V Sweeper 40” is one of the most efficient types of dust controllers and general floor cleaners. It is capable of cleaning 2000 square metres of floor per hour without any effort. V Sweeper 40” can be used on any type of floor, sealed or unsealed. It is capable of collecting even the smallest particles of dust from any type of floor. Suitable to clean big commercial floors and corridors. V Sweeper 40” was made for big jobs only.



V Sweeper 40” – How to use

Push the V Sweeper 40” in the front of you while you stay as close to the skirting as possible. Clean one section at the time and when you reach the end of the corridor or end of the room dispose of all the dirt collected and start again. The microfiber sleeve will collect a lot of dust so once in a while, depending on traffic, it will need to be washed. V Sweeper 40” can clean a standard sport room in about 5 minutes. Jobs that used to take a lot of time can be done in a fraction of the time. At its best on vinyl, amtico, marmoleum, lino or wood floors.


V Sweeper 40” – Cost effective

This professional tool can save you a lot of money if you are a cleaning company and it can save you a lot of time if you are a cleaner. Areas that used to take hours to hoover can be completely cleaned in just a few minutes. The frame of the V Sweeper 40” is made from high quality stainless steel and it is built to last. This product will pay for itself in a few weeks.



V Sweeper 40” – Recommendation

If you are in charge of the cleaning of a big floor area where a lot of dust and dirt will deposit over the day, you should try V Sweeper 40”. This magic dust collector will reduce the time needed for cleaning and it will increase profitability. No other dust collector can cover such a big area in one go and very few other dust collectors can collect as much dust in one go. We highly recommend V Sweeper 40” dust collector to all our customers that are in charge of big floor cleaning areas.


V Sweeper 40” – works faster and it will save you money!

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