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V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve

Fine quality microfiber V sweeper replacing sleeve
Manufactured from to quality soft microfibre fibers
Compatible with pretty much all large V sweepers
It attracts even the finest particle of dust and hair
Suitable for large commercial floor cleaning projects
It can be machine, available in dark blue and red
Sold in packs of two, very flexible and easy to use
Suitable for dry sweeping busy floor areas|surfaces

V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve - Why use

Your professional V Sweeper is sold with a pair of microfiber sleeves that will last for a good period of time. But after a few years of heavy use, the sleeve stops working well and it does not attract residue as it should. No need to replace the whole system, you can just order a new set of V Sweeper Replacing Sleeves and you are ready to work again. Our innovative V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve is guaranteed to provide superior results compared to other types of sleeves available on the market. The sleeves are lighter, fluffier and easier to use.

V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve - Where to use

The new V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve is suitable for dry dusting large floor areas where using a vacuum with cables is not really possible. Usually it is used to sweep and clean shopping centers floors, school floors, sport rooms, huge corridors, bussy gyms, etc. Anywhere where there is a large open space that has to be cleaned regularly. Many professional cleaning companies are using a professional V Sweeper to clean commercial floors without having to stop the traffic. THe V sweeper will slide niceley around all corners without affecting day to day business. The sleeves are very absorbent and it will help the user to gather a large quantity of residue from the floor pretty much effortlessly. Using a V Sweeper and a V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve does not mean that the floor doesn`t have to be vacuumed daily. The system only allows you to collect dust and residue without stopping the traffic during busy times.

V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve - How to use

If the old V sweeper sleeves are clogged with old residue and it does not provide decent results any longer, change it. Usually all you have to do is to pull off the old sleeve and install a new one within a few seconds. Some commercial V Sweepers might have some straps or some buttons that hold the V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve more stable so you need to open the old V Sweeper Sleeve and see how it is fixed in place. But either way, it should not take you longer than 20 seconds to replace a V Sweeper Sleeve.

The actual life expectancy of a V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve depends on the level of usage, the type of floor that gets cleaned with it and the way it is cleaned. With the right care and regular washing you should get a few years of use out of our amazing V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve.

V Sweeper Replacing Sleeve

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