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Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/s

 Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/s

-original Craftex vacuum motor 1000W 2/S

-suitable for all types of extraction machines

-build from rust free & very durable materials

-much more powerful than similar motors

-this motor is not your classic cheap junk


Craftex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S - Where to use

We want to stress out that this motor is built by the Crafex brand. There are many similar motors available online for about half the price of our motors, but you will end up with a piece of junk that will last a few weeks. Craftex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S will fit most types of commercial wet vacs and also some types of carpet cleaning machines. The power generated by Craftex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S  is way superior to cheaper brands. Fitting Craftex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S could be very easy or very complicated, depending from brand to brand. If you are not sure what type of vacuum motor will fit your machine, please just drop around our office and we will check it out for you.


Crafex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S - How to use

If the motor was fitted well, it should work very effortlessly and it should make very little noises. Do not leave the motor on if you are not using it for more than 1 minute. Most types of extraction machines will have a special "fill up" mechanism that will stop the motor from working when the tank is full. If the vacuum motor 1000W 2/S has lost its suction, you should check the waste tank to see if it is full. Do not carry your machine full to avoid water getting inside the motor and do not shake the machine as it works to avoid motor damages. The wet vac or any extraction machine, needs to be emptied before loading it in a van.


Craftex Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S - Professional results for less!

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