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Bona R200 Hollow Spot Repair 0.5 Kg

€44.27 Ex Tax: €35.99

Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler

  • Single component polyurethane-based repair liquid for filling up hollow spots

  • Suitable for filling up hollow floors or for reattaching loose parquet elements

  • When applied beneath the previously attached floors it will produce a thick foam

  • Bona R200 will join the substrate and the board and it will reduce movement

  • Easy to handle, free from solvent and water, excellent adhesion on sub-floors

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use, no special training is required 

  • Available in 0.5 kg bottles, no bad odours, compatible with most substrate

Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler - Where to use

From time to time and due to a number of factors, some floorboards could start moving around and creating squeaky noises. Lifting up the whole floor to repair a few loose boards is not an option in most cases so a better solution is required. Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler is the ideal solution for such issues. The product can be used to reattach loose floorboards and to fill up hollow gaps beneath floorboards. Very easy to use, very affordable and compatible with most substrates. The product will create a sticky foam that will reattach the floorboards to the substrate. It can be used on low and high traffic wood floors. Solvent free and water free. Outstanding quality.

Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler - How to use

Identify the hollow area or the area with movement, if there is spage to inject the foam between the floorboards then just apply the product generously and apply some weight on the area for up to 12 hours to create some pressure bond between the floor & substrate. If there is no access to inject the foam beneath the floors, you can drill a few small holes within the affected area and inject the foam through those holes. Apply some weight to the area and do not walk on the floor for up to 12 hours. Repair the holes with some gap filler and your problem is sorted.

Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler is a great & cheap solution for fixing hollow spots and loose parquet floors. Quick, cheap and hassle free. You can order Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler online from

Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler

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