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Bona Roller Handle


  • Heavy duty roller handle compatible with all Bona varnishing rollers

  • Manufactured from stainless steel and shock resistant plastic materials

  • The new Bona Roller Handle is suitable for commercial finishing jobs

  • Light, ergonomic, very well made, compatible with all universal handles

  • If cleaned after every use, you are guaranteed many years of usage

  • It will fit pretty much all varnishing trays or all special varnishing buckets

  • It can be used for vertical varnishing and also horizontal varnishing jobs

  • 25 cm, blue handle, very affordable & also suitable for residential use


Bona Roller Handle - Why use it


The fact that a professional floor sanding & varnishing company can achieve streak free results is not an accident. Of course, their years of experience is a major factor but also their professional tools can make a difference. Using the new Bona Roller Handle will enable you to work faster and more efficiently with a tool that will not let you down. The new Bona Roller Handle is lighter, more durable & cheaper than similar products from other manufacturers.


Bona Roller Handle - Where to use


You can use the new Bona Roller Handle for applying varnishes, oils, paints, sealers, refreshers or any type of product you want. It will fit a number of different rollers for all types of applications. It can be used for sealing floors and walls. Even if the new Bona Roller Handle was designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications, it can also be used by DIY users. A proper heavy duty roller handle that will last you for many years.


Bona Roller Handle - How to use


To be sure of compatibility, make sure that you buy rollers from Bona. Not all types of rollers fit one frame. In fact, most brands have their own unique design frame. Get the most appropriate roller for the type of project you plan to undertake. Place the roller handle on the middle hole until you can hear a click and you are ready to work. When done with it, just remove the roller and clean the frame. You can also fit an extension pole in the plastic handle. The handle of the new Bona Roller Handle was designed in such a way that it fits pretty much all types of aluminum extension poles from Bona and other brands, all wooden handles & all click on handles. The fact that the Bona Roller Handle is compatible with all types of handles will help you when you have to work on vertical and horizontal surfaces. 


Work like a professional with tools and equipment from Bona. Achieve spectacular results and cut costs while working less. Invest in professional tools and equipment to be guaranteed durability and cost effectiveness.


Bona Roller Handle

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