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Bona Sportive Finish / Two Pack Water Based Floor Lacquer 10L

Bona Sportive Finish

  • Two component hard wearing water based floor lacquer from Bona

  • Suitable for sealing and varnishing hardwood floors with high traffic

  • Compliant with EU standards for indoor sport surfaces EN14904

  • Excellent scuff mark resistance, high wearing and chemical resistance

  • Made from a polyurethane dispersion based 70% on renewable materials

  • Suitable for overcoating pre-finished floors and GreenGuard certified

  • The product is available in a matt finish and a very high glossy finish

  • 1 l will cover around 12 sq meter of floor, to be applied in a 3 coat system

  • Recommended by the international basketball association for high standards

Bona Sportive Finish - Where to use

Bona Sportive Finish is a high traffic & hard wearing polyurethane based water based floor lacquer suitable for sealing and lacquering sport room floors. The product provides outstanding durability and is fully compliant with all EU regulation for indoor air quality. It can be applied over new or newly sanded wooden floors or it can be used to overcoat pre-existing finishes. Bona Sportive Finish can also be used to seal high traffic domestic & all types of commercial wood floors. The product is available in 10L bottles. Available in matt and glossy finishes. Two pack floor lacquer.

Bona Sportive Finish - How to use

Sand the floor to remove all pre-existing finishes. Vacuum well. Apply 1 coat of primer. 2-3 hours later sand the whole surface with 120-180 grit sandpaper. Vacuum well again. Apply the first coat of lacquer with a small brush around the edges and a roller/applicator on the larger areas. Sand again after the first coat of lacquer. Vacuum well again and apply the second coat of lacquer. 1 primer and 2 lacquer coats is more than enough. The product can be applied over old finishes assuming that the lacquer is still in decent shape. A quick clean and a very light sanding with 120-150 grit sandpaper will be enough to create a bit of grip for the new coat. Apply 2 coats of Bona Sportive Finish with 2-3 hours break between the coats. Job done.

Bona Sportive Finish is a superior water based floor lacquer manufactured from premium quality materials. The lacquer will outlast most similar products from different brands. Top quality results guaranteed.

Bona Sportive Finish

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