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Bona White Floor Primer

Bona White Floor Primer

-white water based floor primer from Bona

-will create a cool scandinavian finish

-suitable to use on all types of wood floors

-can be overcoated with all Bona varnishes

-easy to apply, quick drying, fume free

-will cover around 12 sq meters per 1L

-will enhance plain wood surfaces

-no special training required to use Bona White

Bona White Floor Primer - Why Bona White

Like any other wood floor primer from Bona, Bona White Wood Floor Primer will level up the surface and it will seal the wood to prevent high varnish absorption. Besides that, it will create a nice scandinavian finish on lightly coloured wood surfaces. Some pine floors could look light yellow or dark yellow. One coat of Bona White Floor Primer will even up the colour and it will create a white “ash” finish. You can apply 2 coats if you are looking for a stronger colour. The aim of Bona White Floor Primer is to brighten up wood floorboards.

Bona White Floor Primer - Where to use it

You can use Bona White Wood Floor Primer on any solid or semi solid wood surface. The surface has to be sealant free because the primer has to penetrate deep and react with the wood fibre to change the colour. Any sealant on the wood surface will prevent that. It can be used to prime all types of wood surfaces but it looks great on brighter coloured wood fibres. You can use it on floors, furniture, frames, skirtings, doors, etc. It requires overcoating with a water based or a solvent based finish. 

Bona White Floor Primer - How to use it

Sand the surface and remove all finishes. Vacuum the floor well to make sure that the surface is clean and dust free. Using a roller and a paintbrush, start applying the primer. Use the paintbrush to seal the edges and all hard to reach areas and use the roller for larger areas. After about 2 hours, the primer should be fully dry and ready for overcoating. Bear in mind that a primer has no protective qualities and it requires some kind of finish over it. Sand the whole floor one more time with fine sandpaper, vacuum and you are ready to varnish it. You can use any water based floor finish from Bona.

Bona White Floor Primer - Coverage area

Because the primer goes on bare wood, the coverage area is somewhere around 10 sq meters per 1L. It could go up when priming hardwood and it can reduce when priming softwood. But either way, you should be able to cover around 45-50 sq meters per 5L. If you are looking for a 100% natural look, use a matt or a natural floor varnish.

Bona White Floor Primer



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