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-high quality organinc coloured floor oil/wax

-suitable for seaking all types of wood floors

-it will cover between 10 to 30 sq meter per L

-it can be used as a primer or as floor finish

-it can be applied with a cloth or a buffer pad

-not suitable for overcoating wih a floor varnish


How To Use:


Remove all the existing finishes from your floor. If the floor is new, unsealed, deep clean the flor to remove all the dust and general dirt. The floor needs to be dry and dust free. Apply one thin coat of oil with a cloth or a special applicator. Move the cloth up and down the wood fiber and do not allow the cloth to stay on the floor for longer than 1 second. Apply the same pressure all over the floor and do not over use the oil to avoid long drying times. The cover area depends from floor to floor but it should be between 10 to 30 square meter per L of oil. If a second coat is required, the coverage area will be much higher. It will require between 2 to 24 hours to dry (depending on wheather and the wood itself).


Where To Use:


Use only on new or newly sanded wood floors. If there is an existing finish, the oil won`t be able to penetrate it and it will not dry. All the pictures are informative only. The final colour depends from wood to wood. If you need a stronger colour, apply a second coat. The floor can be sealed with a hardwax oil or any other oils from Junckers.



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