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Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ml

€24.59 Ex Tax: €19.99

Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ML

-a strong cherry colour wood stain from Junckers

-will transform pine wood floors in a cool cherry finish

-suitable for treating furniture, floors, interior woodwork, etc

-to be overcoated with one of Junckers water based finishes

-to be applied on new or newly sanded wood floors/furniture

-not really suitable for staining dark wood furniture or floors

-it will cover an average of approx. 50 sq meter per L (it can vary)

Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ML - Where to apply

This is a cherry - red wood stain that will totally transform white wood surfaces. Pre-testing is highly recommended. It is recommended for very white or yellow wood surfaces. If applied on dark wood surfaces, it may not be visible. It will mask imperfections on cheap wood and it will enhance the look of pine wood surfaces. Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ML is very popular with the floor sanding industry. Pubs, restaurants, gyms, etc, places where they want to keep the floor clean but to mask daily traffic, will use this professional wood stain. To be over coated with at least two coats of water based or solvent finish from Junckers.

Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ML  - How to apply

You will need to prepare a set of gloves, a few cloths, sandpaper from 40 grit up to 120 grit and at least one tin of wood stain. Remove any pre-existing finishes from the wood starting with 40 grit sandpaper. Remove all the fine dust particles with a cloth and make sure that the wood surface is nice and dry. Soak the cloth in stain and rub it against the wood surface until the wood has absorbed all it needs and the finish is even. If you are not fully satisfied with the finish, you can apply a second coat. Allow 1 to 2 hours between coats to ensure that the first coat is dry. Seal the finish with a water based floor lacquer from Junckers. If you are using a different brand of water based floor finish, make sure that it is two pack. Otherwise it will not bond well.

This is a professional wood stain from Junckers. This is an oil based wood stain. Apply up to 3 coats. The stain will not alter the look of the wood at all. After staining, you will be able to see the fibre of the wood just like before. This product is suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Junckers Cherry Wood Stain 750 ML

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