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Junckers Driftwood Grey Wood Stain 750ML

Junckers Driftwood Grey Wood Stain 750ML

-light coloured driftwood grey wood stain from Junckers

-will provide a hint of grey in the grain of solid or semi solid wood

-unique and natural wood stain suitable to use on all wood surfaces

-to be overcoated with any Junckers water based floor lacquers

-to be applied over raw or newly sanded wood floors and furniture

-can be mixed with other colours of stain to create unique colours

-not suitable for staining dark wood furniture or very dark wood floors

Junckers Driftwood Grey Wood Stain 750ML  - Where to use

A beautiful light grey - silver wood stain from Junckers. It will enrich any wood surface to which it is applied and it will change the look of white wood surfaces. Because it is so light, it will not be very visible on dark types of wood surfaces like oak, cherry or walnut. The stain will only add a light hint of grey in the grain of the wood. The coverage area is around 50 m2 per 1 L of wood stain but it can vary from job to job. The drying time before overcoating is around 1-2 hours but again, it depends on the surface treated, the amounts of coats and how warm/cold is outside. Apply 2 coats maximum to achieve the best possible finish. Remember, this is an oil based wood stain and it can only be overcoated with single pack or two pack water based floor varnishes from Junckers or, two pack varnishes from other brands.

Junckers Driftwood Grey Wood Stain 750ML  - How to use

Sand the floor and the furniture until there is no more signs of old finishes and sealants. It is very important to move from one grit to the next. Start with 40 grit, move to 60 grit, then 80, then 100 & then 120 grit. When the surface looks perfectly even, apply the first coat of wood stain. Use a microfiber cloth if you have one or a standard cloth. Stir the tin of wood stain well until it becomes one even cream like composition. Soak the cloth in stain and rub it against the wood until it looks evenly grey and the wood has absorbed all the stain it needs. If 1 coat is not 100% what you have expected, apply 1 more coat after 1-2 hours. Clean spillages and leaks instantly. Wear a pair of nitrile or latex gloves to avoid staining your hands. Seal the surface with a lacquer.

Some wood stains applied on very fancy wood floors or furniture will look better if kept 100% natural. In these cases, apply a matt finish. Some other types of wood stain will look better with a soft shine. In these cases apply a semi gloss floor finish. Glossy floor varnishes are not something that will improve the look of wood floors.

Junckers Driftwood Grey Wood Stain 750ML

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