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Junckers Walnut Wood Stain

Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML

-very cool walnut wood stain from Junckers brand

-suitable to treat white and yellow wood surfaces

-recommended for staining furniture and wood floors

-it will cover approx 50 sq meter of wood per 1 L

-compatible with all water based lacquers from Junckers

-affordable, cost effective, unique finish, oil based

-to be applied with a cloth or a floor pad when staining floors

Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML - Where to use

A professional oil based wood stain suitable for commercial and domestic use. Unlike other brands of wood stains, Junckers wood stains will not change the original feeling and natural look of the wood. The product can be applied in 1 or 2 coats, depending on the level of colour you need to achieve. Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML will enhance the look of pine floors and pine furniture and it will create a fancy finish on damaged or poor quality wood floors. This wood stain is very popular with the commercial wood refinishing business. Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML can be used to stain semi solid and solid wood floors, all types of furniture, handles, interior wood work, toys, etc. A quick and easy treatment will transform old and boring wood surfaces into contemporary finishes.

Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML - How to use

There is one way of using it for the domestic market and another way for the professional refinishing market. For both ways, the wood has to be clean, dry and sealant free. The old finishes can be fully removed with sandpaper. A cloth, a pair of gloves and a tin of wood stain is enough for the domestic market. A buffing machine 200 RPM max, a white pad and a few pairs of gloves are needed when staining commercial floors. A bit of stain on the cloth and rub it against the wood until you have achieved  a perfectly even surface. It is that easy. Pour a bit of stain on the floor, put a white pad on it and buff the floor until the stain looks even all over the surface. Add more wood stain as needed. All Junckers wood stains can be overcoated with single or two pack water based from Junckers or with two pack water based floor finishes from other brands. Darker wood stains will look great with semi gloss finishes.

Always wear gloves and be careful not to spill the wood stain. If a spillage happens, clean it fast. You can also mix stains to create unique colours. If you decide to mix up wood stain, make sure that you have enough for the whole surface because you will never match the same colour again.

Junckers Walnut Wood Stain 750 ML

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