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Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ml

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Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML

-beautiful unique white wood stain from Junckers

-suitable to use on all types of wood floors and furniture

-will brighten up very dark wood floors and wood furniture

-you will achieve a “scandinavian” finish with only 1 coat

-recoatable with any floor water based lacquers from Junckers

-can also create a “white wash” finish on oak floors

-will not change the natural look of the wood & it will not glaze

-the most popular wood stain from our range of oil based stains

Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML - Where to use

This amazing bright wood stain can be used on all types of raw or newly sanded wood surfaces. The white stain will create a fancy scandinavian finish on oak floors and it will create a super white finish on pine and bright floors. To be applied in 1 or two coats, depending on how white you want it to look. A much stronger colour than any other type of white stain available on the market. It will fully dry in approx. 1 hour but the drying time can vary from surface to surface and day to day. Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML can be mixed with other types of wood stains from Junckers to create unique colours. Enhance the look of your furniture, woodwork, floors, frames, handles etc. To be overcoated with any water based floor lacquer from Junckers or any solvent or two pack varnishes from other brands.

Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML  - How to use

Prepare some sandpaper starting from 40 grit up to 120 grit and start sanding the surface. The white stain can only be applied on unsealed and unprotected wood surfaces. It can be applied with a cloth when staining small wood surfaces or with a low speed floor buffer and a white pad when staining big floor surfaces. Do not overuse the stain and only stop the process when the whole surface looks evenly white. The first coat will create a cool soft white and the second coat will create a very white surface. Avoid touching painted surfaces. Wear a pair of gloves and dispose of the cloths used to stain, safely.

Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML - Finishing

Wood stains have no protective qualities and need to be sealed with a lacquer or a varnish. The wood stain is oil based and it will not bond well with single pack water based varnishes from brands other than Junckers. All Junckers single and two pack water based floor lacquers will work very well with the stain.

Junckers White Wood Stain 750 ML

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