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Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw

  • Brand: Osmo Oils
  • Product Code: 3044
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Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw

  • A beautiful natural looking hardwax oil with a hint of white colour

  • A light coloured wood stain that stays the same after it dries out

  • It provides superior protection against water stains and liquids

  • To be applied in a two coat system over a sealant free surface

  • 1L will cover anywhere between 25 to 30 sq meters (it can vary)

  • Extremely durable and hard wearing | No permanent wet effect

  • Compatible with wood floors, wood furniture, kids toys, doors, etc

  • 100% food certified and safe to use on worktops & kitchen areas

  • Fume free, non glazing, non peeling, non flaking & natural oil

  • Microporous : It allows the wood surfaces to ventilate naturally

  • The product is also saliva resistant and sweat resistant (kids safe)

  • The surfaces can be recoated at a later stage without sanding

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Why Osmo

Achieving that unique natural looking finish on wood surfaces is not easy at all. You want the wood to be fully protected but you want it to look like there is nothing on it. While most matt hardwax oils can do that, nothing compares to the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw. This is a deep penetrating, fume free, non glazing, non flaking and natural looking hardwax oil. It has a slight hint of white but very slight. The product dries 100% matt regardless of how many coats of it were applied. No fancy tools needed to apply it and it can be easily refreshed with the same product. A proper heavy duty hardwax oil from Osmo.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Where To Use It

A superior quality hardwax oil compatible with all untreated wooden surfaces or, it can be used as a refresher on wooden surfaces that were already sealed with the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw. While the product is a market leader within its category, it is only suitable for indoor use. It can be successfully used to waterproof and stain proof wood floors, wooden furniture, wood doors & frames, kids toys, worktops, etc. The product is food safe and saliva safe so it can be used in food preparation areas or on wooden floors used by kids. It contains no harsh chemicals or any harmful chemicals. The most natural way of sealing and protecting wood surfaces.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | How To Use It

The point of a hardwax oil is to fully penetrate the wood and dry inside the fiber of the wood without glazing. In most cases, people that opt for a hardwax are those people looking for a natural finish that allows the wood to breathe naturally. So to be able to penetrate the wood, the wood surface has to be sealant free or already sealed with the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw and its surface requires a refreshing. 

Step 1: Sand up the surface up to grit 100

Step 2: Vacuum the surface well

Step 3: Apply the oil in two thin coats with 12 hours drying times between the coats

Shake the oil tin well for a few seconds to mix up the composition. In some cases the colour tint from the oil could deposit at the bottom of the tin, so a good shake will mix up the composition. Soak a cloth in it and use the cloth to oil all narrow areas. Apply enough oil to create that wet look (it will dry up matt) but remove the oil that cannot penetrate. The wood porosity is limited and when filled up, nothing else can fit in it. So any excess has to be removed in full. The surface has to look wet but not soaked. Allow 12 hours to dry (it can vary) and prepare for the second coat. The second coat will absorb less so you are likely to dramatically increase the coverage area. Job done.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw | Recommendation

Do not walk on the surface until the surface is 100% dry. A well ventilated area will dry in a few hours. Do not wash the floor for at least 48 hours. Use only professional oiled floor cleaners from Osmo. Remember to refresh and maintain your oiled surface regularly. Areas with higher traffic will wear off faster.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw

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