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-a superb floor maintenance product designed to enhance your floor finish

-suitable to use on commercial and domestic wooden floors

-waterborne maintenance coating for frequent maintenance off wood floors

-superb quality polish restorer that will build up a glossy protective coat

-makes floor maintenance much easier and much cheaper

-another high quality product from Bona brand


Bona Freshen Up – Where to use

Bona Freshen Up is a polish and floor finish enhancer. It will restore the look of old and tired wood floors without the need for sanding. Bona Freshen Up can be used on varnished and polished wood floors for enhancing the look of the finish or you can daily maintain your floor with this superb product. It will build up a high quality glossy coat of sealant over your existing finish. It will provide beautiful results instantly without too much effort. Is your floor dull or tired looking? Apply 2 coats of Bona Freshen Up and your floor will start shining.


Bona Freshen Up – How to use

Deep clean your floor to remove all types of residue and markings. Allow the floor to dry fully and apply one thin coat of Bona Freshen Up. It will change the look of your floor instantly. Apply at least two coats of Bona Freshen Up on high traffic floors. This product contains no wax. For a better application apply Bona Freshen Up with a Bona flat mop system and a microfiber pad. Apply thin coats and wait for the initial coat to dry before applying a second coat. Not suitable for oiled floors.


Bona Freshen Up – Cost saving

Many floors do not require refinishing as often as people think. A deep clean and two coats of Bona Freshen Up can make your floor look like new for a few months. Repeat the operation as needed and maintain your floor with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Bona Freshen Up can save you money by increasing the periods between refinishing. Floor sanding is pretty expensive so by using Bona Freshen Up you will not have to sand your floors for many years.


Bona Freshen Up – Recommendation

Bona Freshen Up is a high quality floor finish enhancer. It works fast and it will make your floors look beautiful again. Bona Freshen Up will not replace floor sanding for good but it will increase the periods between floor refinishing by a few years. A truly beautiful and easy to use floor maintenance product.



Bona Freshen Up – the product that changes the look of your floor instantly!

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