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Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen Up

  • Waterborne maintenance coating for frequent maintenance of wooden floors

  • It will seal and refresh all types of wooden floors that were sealed with a varnish

  • Manufactured from pure polyurethane dispersion for an exceptional durability

  • Can be used for overcoating domestic and high traffic commercial flooring

  • To be applied with a microfiber flat mopping system for a perfect smooth finish

  • 1L of Bona Freshen Up will cover approx. 30 sq meter of wood floor (it can vary)

  • No fumes, no toxic chemicals, no complicated application process, hassle free

Bona Freshen Up - Where to use

This professional wood floor refresher is the ideal product for restoring old worn wooden floors that over time have lost some of its sheen. One coat of Bona Freshen Up will restore the gloss and increase the protection. No need for sanding or complicated restoration. It can be used for refreshing domestic and commercial wood floors that were sealed with water based or oil based finishes. Not suitable for oiled floors or laminate floors.

Bona Freshen Up - How to use

Wash the floor with a flat microfiber floor mop and Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Allow about 1 hour to fully dry then apply the first coat of Bona Freshen Up. The whole floor has to look perfectly smooth like it was just washed. One coat will do the job when using it regularly but two coats can be done on floors that were not refreshed for a while. Do not dilute the product and do not overwet the floor. Take your time, do not walk on the floor for up to 2 hours & use protectors on your sofa legs.

Restore the original look of your wooden floor with Bona Freshen Up. Achieve professional results without a lot of effort.

Bona Freshen Up

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