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-a ready to use maintenance protector for varnished floors

-it will protect and restore the original look of the floor

-contains no wax so varnishing over is possible

-it will mask and cover small scratches and imperfections

-it will refresh the floor without the need for sanding

-it will save you money and it will keep your floors looking better for longer


Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Where to use

Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a ready to use floor refresher suitable for use on lacquered or varnished floors. It can be used on floors that were finished with water based varnishes or solvent based varnishes. Bona Wood Floor Refresher is not suitable for use on oiled floors. This product can be used on semi solid or solid wood floors. Efficient and fast acting. Bona Wood Floor Refresher can be used on low or high traffic floors. This product is not a sealant, this product is a refresher.


Bona Wood Floor Refresher – How to use

Deep clean your floor and remove all residue and all dust particles. Make sure that the floor is dry and sound. Apply one thin coat of Bona Wood Floor Refresher with a microfiber pad or a special polish applicator. Allow to dry for up to 2 hours and apply a second coat of Bona Wood Floor Refresher. Your floor will look shiny and clean. Apply thin and even coats to avoid streaking.


Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your floor. Bona Wood Floor Refresher is designed to enhance the look of your floor but it will only last if the floor is maintained regularly. We recommend that you wash your floors daily with a Bona Flat Mop System and Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Avoid using a lot of moisture and avoid using acidic floor cleaning products.


Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Recommendation

If you have wooden floors you know how important it is to keep it clean and shiny. But whatever you do the floor will eventually become dull over time. Bona Wood Floor Refresher will prevent your floor from becoming dull and tired. One coat of Bona Wood Floor Refresher will totally change the look of your floors. Try it today and see what you think. Bona Wood Floor Refresher is highly regarded by all our customers and is once of our best sellers for good reason.



Bona Wood Floor Refresher – instantly refresh your floors without refinishing

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