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Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip

-high traffic water based floor lacquer from Bona

-sold in two pack, the lacquer plus the hardener

-suitable for high traffic commercial wood floors

-compatible with oil based wood stains/primers

-reduces the risk of accidental slips & claims

-water based, very low odour, GreenGuard certified

-to be applied in two coats over raw wood

-available in extra matt, matt and semi gloss

-very low solvent content (VOC) 5% - natural

-one of the most durable lacquers from Bona

-non yellowing high traffic commercial floor lacquer


Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip - Where to use

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip is the ideal floor sealer for commercial wood floors with high to very high traffic. The lacquer will improve the grip and  reduce the risk of accidental slips. To be used on all types of newly sanded wood floors. It can be applied directly onto the wood floor or over a primer. Also suitable for high traffic domestic floors. The sealer responds well to buffing. Highly recommended for school floors, restaurants, hotels, canteens, hairdressers, shops, etc.

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip - Coverage area

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip is one of the most durable and cost effective water based floor lacquers available in Ireland. The manufacturers recommended coverage area is around 10 sq meter per 1L but the actual coverage area will vary from floor to floor. If applied over a primer, it will cover more, approx. 12 sq meters per 1 l. If applied directly on the wood, without a primer, the 1st coat will only cover around 8 sq meter per 1 L but the second coat will cover 12 sq meter per 1L as the absorption reduces. 

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip - Mixture

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip is a two pack water based floor lacquer. You will buy 4.5L of lacquer and 0.5L of hardener. You will need to mix the hardener with the lacquer before use. Only mix what you need, lacquer that is mixed and not used within 4 hours will harden up inside the bottle.

Ex : if you plan to seal 20 sq meters x 2 coats, you should mix up the full 5L. But if you only plan to seal 10 sq meter of floor, only mix 2.2 L of lacquer with 250 ML of hardener. So half the lacquer with half the hardener.

Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip - How to use

Remove all types of pre-existing wood finishes from your floorboards. Mix the hardener with the varnish and apply 1 coat of floor lacquer. The first coat should dry in about 2 hours - depending on how you apply it, how much you apply, room temperature, etc. 2 hours later the floor should be sanded lightly with 150-180 grit sanding discs/screens. Remove all the dust and apply the second coat. Two coats should be more than enough but 3 coats are also possible. 

-use a small brush around the edges

-do not oversaturate the floor with lacquer

-apply all over the floor with a roller

-ready for full traffic in about 12 hours


Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip

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