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Bona Traffic HD Raw

-heavy duty high traffic floor lacquer

-two pack water based floor lacquer

-will cover 8 to 10 sq meters per L

-will maintain the woods 100% natural look

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-hard wearing, non yellowing, no fumes

-ready for re-coating within 1 hour

Bona Traffic HD Raw - Two Pack 

Bona Traffic Natural 5L is a premium quality two pack water based floor lacquer suitable for wood floors with high to very high commercial traffic. The lacquer is sold in 4.5 L bottles + 500 ML hardener. The lacquer and hardener need to be mixed together before use. The mixture can be used for up to 3-4 hours after mixing. Only mix what you need. 

Bona Traffic HD Raw - Natural

Bona Traffic Natural 5L was designed to maintain the woods 100% natural look. Unlike other types of floor lacquers, it will not glaze the floor and it will not create any shine on the floor. You can change the colour of the wood  with one of Bonas floor primers. Bona Traffic Natural 5L looks great used in combination with Bona White. It creates a cool scandinavian finish.

Bona Traffic HD Raw - Coverage 

Bona Traffic Natural 5L will cover up to approx 10 sq meter per 1L. The coverage area will vary from floor to floor. The first coat will always cover a bit less with the second coat covering more. The first coat will be fully absorbed by the wood. The second coat will not penetrate so deep so hence, the higher coverage area. The coverage will also increase when the lacquer is applied over a primer.

Bona Traffic HD Raw - No Fumes

Bona Traffic Natural 5L is a very eco friendly water based floor lacquer. The product will dry in no time and it does not contain any bad odour. The product can be used for sealing wood floors in schools, hospitals, pubs, restaurants, offices, shops, domestic, etc. Safe, non-toxic natural looking lacquer.

Bona Traffic HD Raw - Drying Times

Water based floor lacquers usually drying quite fast. Bona Traffic Natural will dry within 1 hour. A second coat can be applied after 45 min to 1 hour. The weather and the room ventilation can increase or decrease the drying periods. Even if the lacquer looks 100% dry, it is recommended that you allow 24 hours drying time before high traffic.

Bona Traffic HD Raw 5L

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