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Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Two Pack Water Based Floor Lacquer

-two pack water based floor lacquer from Tover

-suitable for commercial and industrial projects

-classified n C fire resistance EN 13501-1 EU Norm

-highly resistant to intense traffic, sport room suitable

-it will cover anything between 12 to 14 sq meters per L

-available in matt version, ready for traffic after 2 hours

-it can be applied with a brush or a varnishing roller

-it can be applied over Tover oil based wood stains

-also suitable for sealing/varnishing  domestic wood floor 

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - Water Based

Tover Firestop is a professional water based floor lacquer suitable for sealing all types of wood floors and wood surfaces. The product is sold in two pack, the varnish itself + the hardener. It will dry within 2 hours and it will be ready for heavy duty traffic after 8-10 hours. Remember to mix up the hardener with the varnish before using it. After the product is mixed, you have about 4 hours before the product dries up (even inside the bottle). Only mix what you need.

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - Fire Resistant

Tover Firestop is commercial floor lacquer suitable for sealing wood floors with a risk of fire. It will prevent the fire from spreading and it will give you time to stop the fire in case of an accidental fire. It can be used in restaurants, food preparation areas, spas, saunas, industrial units, etc. The product can also be used for sealing domestic wood floors in areas with high risk of fire (around fireplaces).

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - Coverage

Tover Firestop has a recommended coverage area of 12 to 14 square meters per 1L. The actual coverage will vary from floor to floor and type of wood. If you are sealing pine floors you are likely to cover around 10 sq meters per 1L but if you are sealing oak, you are likely to seal over 14 sq meters per 1 L. The quality of the sanding job and the skill of the applicator can also increase or decrease the coverage area. Either way, Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer is a market leader in coverage.

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - High Traffic

Tover Firestop is suitable for sealing very high traffic floors. Many floor sanding and floor refinishing contractors are using this amazing water based floor varnish as their main product. It provides outstanding durability, it looks amazing, it dries nearly instant, it can be applied over oil stains, it provides fire protection and it has an amazing coverage rate. This product was designed to make money for contractors and give peace of mind to floor owners. It should be applied in two coats system over a primer. Sanding is required between coats to achieve the maximum coverage area and perfect smooth finish.

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - How to apply it

Apply the product over newly sanded or new wood surfaces. Any pre-existing finishes have to be removed in full. Make sure that the surface is dust free, dry & sealant free. If you are planning to stain the floor (change the colour), apply the wood stain with about 4-5 hours before varnishing. Mix up the varnish with the hardener and apply the first coat of sealer. Allow 2-4 hours to dry & then lightly sand again the whole area with 150 - 180 sandpaper. Vacuum well and apply the second coat of varnish. Job done

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer - Maintenance

All water based floor lacquers will require specific care and maintenance. Please use proper wood floor cleaners and as little water as you can. A flat mopping system is the ideal way of cleaning wood floors.

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer

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