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Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish

-water based self linking antislip floor varnish 

-suitable for commercial and domestic projects

-Tover Uniqua Antislip is R10 Antislip Certified

-it guarantees ultimate safety on stairs and floors

-one of the most durable water based floor varnishes

-Tover Uniqua Antislip is only available in matt finish

-ideal for sport rooms, gyms, pubs, restaurants, halls, etc

-premium resistance against cleaning chemicals

-very low VOC, it is NEP,  NMP & Isocyanate free

-Tover Uniqua Antislip will cover 12 to 14 sq m/L

-single pack, ready for traffic within 6-7 hours

-great resistance against abrasion & black heel marks

Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish - Where to use

All Tover products are manufactured to last for years under daily commercial traffic. But Tover Uniqua Antislip is even better. This product is unequalled within the water based floor varnishes market due to its outstanding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and black heel marks. Tover Uniqua Antislip is the ideal high traffic floor varnish for stairs & commercial floors with high to very high traffic. The product will maintain its antislip qualities even when wet. It can be used as the main product x 2 coats or it can be used to overcoat other types of water based floor varnishes/lacquers. Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish can be used to seal all types of semi solid or hardwood floors. 

Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish - How to use

There are two ways to use this heavy duty commercial water based floor varnish. You can use it as a top coat to improve the safety and the look of an old floor or it can be used on its own in two coats system. 

Re-Coating - lightly sand the floor with 120-150 grit sandpaper or screens and vacuum the surface well. Apply 1 coat of Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish with a varnishing roller. Use a small edging brush to varnish all the narrow areas or areas along the walls. Usually 1 coat will do the job but two coats can be applied

Coating - if you are coating an old floor and if you plan to remove the old finish, you will need to use a floor sanding machine and sandpaper. Start with 40 grit and go up to 80 grit. After the floor is sealant free, dust free & dry, you are ready to apply the first coat. Apply 1 coat of Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish and wait about 2 hours. 2 hours later sand the whole surface with 150-180 grit sandpaper, vacuum well and apply the last coat.Job done. 

Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish - Coverage area

The manufacturer recommends a coverage area of 12-14 square meters per L. That coverage area is informative only. The type of wood, quality of the sanding & the skill of the applicator can increase or decrease the recommended coverage area. Soft wood like pine, is likely to absorb more while hardwood like oak is likely to absorb less. Always buy extra varnish just in case.

Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish  - Maintenance

This high quality water based floor varnish is mostly used for commercial floor varnishing. To increase its life expectancy and to maintain its natural beauty, please use proper wood floor cleaners and maintainers. Tover Pulito Wood Floor Cleaner is highly recommended as the main maintenance product. Wash your floors daily with a flat mop. Avoid soaking the floor. Do not use bleach, acidic products or very high PH floor cleaners on the newly refinished wood floor.

Tover Uniqua Antislip Floor Varnish 

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