Wood Floor Paint

Acrylic floor paint from Tover. Professional wood floor paint suitable for stairs & wood floors

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Bona Gap Master | Colored Flexible Gap Filler

Bona Gap Master | Flexible Colored Gap FillerHighly flexible universal gap filler compatible with all types of wooden floors & surfacesIt is available in a number of different colours to match all..

Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad

Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad-heavy duty wood floor cleaning pad from Bona-compatible with all Bona flat mopping systems-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning-removes heavy duty dirt..

Tover Uniqua Floor Paint 2.5L

Tover Uniqua Floor PaintWater Based High Traffic Wood Floor Paint From ToverSuitable To Use On All Types Of Wood Surfaces & FloorsSuperb Range Of Colours, Quick Drying & High CoverageHigh Resi..
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