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Tover Uniqua Floor Paint 2.5L

€164.82 Ex Tax: €134.00

Tover Uniqua Floor Paint

  • Water Based High Traffic Wood Floor Paint From Tover

  • Suitable To Use On All Types Of Wood Surfaces & Floors

  • Superb Range Of Colours, Quick Drying & High Coverage

  • High Resistance To Abrasion, Black Heel Marks, Chemicals

  • Can be used for further coats, no waste, cost effective

  • Highly Recommended For Sealing Wooden Stairs & Risers

  • Very Low VOC Content, NEP, NMP And Isocyanate Free

  • It Will Cover 12-14 Sq Meters Per L, Two Coat Application


Tover Uniqua Floor Paint - Where to use

Tover Uniqua Floor Paint is a water based high traffic floor paint suitable for sealing and protecting all types of wooden floors and wooden stairs. The product has superb durability to abrasion, high heel marks and acidic chemicals. The product has to be applied in a two coats system with 3-4 hours break between the coats. Tover Uniqua Floor Paint can be used on “hopeless” looking wooden floors that will not respond well to varnishing.


Tover Uniqua Floor Paint - How to use

You can use Tover Uniqua Floor Paint as the main coat over sealed or unsealed wood floors or it can be used over pre-existing finishes. Apply in thin coats with a painting roller. Use a small brush for narrow areas and areas around the skirting boards. The floor paint does not need hardener and it is ready for use. Do not paint wet or dirty surfaces. Even if Tover Uniqua Floor Paint can be applied over pre-existing finishes, the surface has to be level and lightly sanded to create some abrasion for the paint to attach.

Tover Uniqua Floor Paint - Colours

Assess the floor and only apply the floor paint after you are 100% sure that the colour is right for you. Removing the floor paint from the wooden floor is not that easy. Here is the list of colours available:


Black, Anthracite, Traffic Grey, Shadow Grey, Dust Grey, Silk Grey, Agate Grey, Squirrel Grey, Light Blue, Quartz Grey, White, Beige, Andromeda, Carrob, Red , Copper, Gold, Silver & Cast-Iron


Tover Uniqua Floor Paint

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