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Wenge Wood Stain

-a dark coloured oil based wood stain from Tover

-suitable to use on all  types of wood surfaces

-somewhere between grey, brown & walnut

-will cover around 20-30 sq meters per 1 L

-highly popular with the floor sanding industry

-will require overcoating with a lacquer/sealer

-to be applied with a towel cloth or a floor pad

-to be used on floors, furniture, woodwork, etc

-suitable for commercial and domestic projects

-high coverage, affordable, elegant, easy to use

Wenge Wood Stain - Why wenge

If you don`t like the darkness of a walnut colour and if black ebony wood stain is too dark, you will be very happy with the wenge wood stain. This stain can look different on different types of wood. Pre-testing is always recommended. It looks amazing on oak floors and general darker wood surfaces. Elegant, rich and unique. 

Wenge Wood Stain - Where to use

Universal wood stain suitable for staining all types of solid and semi solid wood surfaces. Unlike other colours, wenge wood stains can be used on bright and dark wood surfaces. When used on pine floors or woodwork, it will create a grey like finish. When used on oak it will create a dark grey/walnut finish. The wood stain can only be applied to new wood surfaces or newly sanded wood surfaces. A few hours after it is applied, it requires sealing for full protection. You can use a two pack water based floor lacquer or you can use any solvent based floor lacquer. It can be used for staining wood floors, woodwork, frames, worktops, furniture, exterior garden woodwork, wood toys, etc. 

Wenge Wood Stain - How to use

You do not need special training to use this professional wood stain but you do have to use your common sense. Before staining any wood surface you need to make sure that the surface is unsealed, clean, dry & dust free. If there is a sealant, you will need to remove it with sandpaper. If you apply the wood stain to an already sealed wood surface, the stain will not dry. When the surface is ready for staining follow these steps:

-use a cloth to stain small surfaces or a low speed floor buffer when staining large floors

-soak the cloth in stain and rub it on the wood - going with the fibre of the wood

-be careful not to touch any surfaces that do not require staining (or clean it fast)

-apply the same pressure on the cloth over the entire surface to avoid patches

-if you notice darker/brighter patches, go over one more time to even up the colour

-5-6 hours later you can start applying coats of lacquer to seal the surface

-if you like the way it looks natural, use a matt finish

Wenge Wood Stain - Coverage area

The manufacturer recommends 20 sq meter per L. You can achieve over 50 sq meter per 1L if you stain the wood floors using a low speed floor buffer. There are a few factors that can increase/decrease the coverage area, it willl vary from floor to floor. Soft wood floors are likely to absorb more wood stain while hardwood floors are likely to absorb less. It also depends upon whether you are a professional or a DIY user i.e. the level of skill involved in applying the stain. 

Wenge Wood Stain

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