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Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 3562.10
  • Availability: 10

Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign

  • Made from yellow shock resistant plastic

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial use

  • One side clearly displays "cleaning in progress"

  • The other side clearly displays “wet floor”

  • Height 60 cm, width 30 cm, length 27 cm

  • Light, ergonomic and very easy to store

  • Avoid trips and slips with the wet floor sign

Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign - Where to use

Accidental falls and slips are a nightmare for any cleaning company. Your insurance premium will go through the roof and your business will not be able to cope with the extra costs. While washing areas with high traffic or even an area that does not have a lot of traffic, a wet floor sign can prevent people from walking on wet floors or will warn them that the floor is wet and extra care is required. A wet floor sign is essential in bars, schools, restaurants, public buildings, etc. A wet sign might not prevent some people from falling but at least you can prove that you have done all you could to prevent an accident. A wet floor sign can also protect you from fake claims. Some fraudsters will think twice when they see a wet floor sign around.

Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign - How to use

Before washing a floor in a public area, mark the area with 1-2 wet floor signs to let people know that the floor is still wet or drying. Only remove the wet floor sign from its location after the floor is 100% dry. Move the signs to the next cleaning location as you move along. After you are done with that particular floor area, store the wet sign away. If the sign is a bit dirty or dusty, give it a good wipe to make sure that the warning signs are clearly visible.

Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign - Types Of Wet Floor Signs

There are many types of wet floor signs out there, in all sizes and shapes. Our Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign is the most popular wet floor sign within the Irish market. It is printed on both sides, it is very visible, it is in a “A” shape so it can also be used on stairs and is made from heavy duty plastic components. Do not get caught by surprise. Protect yourself and your customer with our new Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign

Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame Sign 

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