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White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10

  • Product Code: WLL340
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-luxury toilet paper made from 100% pure cellulose

-suitable for executive toilets and premium  4-5* hotels

-available in packs of 40 rolls or in full pallets (call us)

-160 sheets per roll, 20 meter of paper per roll, 3 ply

Bathroom Grandeur With The White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10

Bathroom experiences don`t have to be dreaded. They are a regular part of life, and everyone is guaranteed to use the washrooms multiple times a day. It doesn't have to be frustrating. It's all about going for a quality product. After all, no one likes thin toilet paper that gets soaked so wet that it makes the wiping process a hustle, or so weak that it leaves paper shreds all over your private parts after you`re done. Here, factors such as the ply number come in. With all variables being held constant, the more the number of layers that a toilet paper has, the more absorbent and softer it will be. You want a product that is thick enough to do the job, but not so thick that it clogs up the toilet. A plush roll that is soft on your bum and makes your home a little bit more spa-like. After all, such indulgences are enough to brighten up those private moments. You can get that with the White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10. Here is what makes it a popular product:

Benefits Of The White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10

1. High wet strength
First, you want to ensure that the toilet paper actually does its work. The 3-ply paper holds together as it absorbs liquid, enabling you to avoid those nasty situations where toilet paper falls apart in your hands. The White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10 also does not leave lint behind, and does a superb job of cleaning up the nether regions. Made of 100% pure cellulose paper, the roll also has a high absorbency. Coupled with the high strength, this means that each roll lasts for long, since only a fraction will be needed during each session. This especially comes in handy during those days where your digestive system is off the rails, and bathroom visits are frequent.

2. Deluxe feeling
As you apply toilet paper to "where the sun don't shine," you want to be treated right. The White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10 is specially designed to make your time in the washroom relaxing and pleasurable. Soft on the skin, you get to comfortably clean up after your time on the porcelain throne. The perforations also enable the sheets to rip cleanly from the roll.

3. Lengthy roll
Each of the sheets of the White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10 clocks in at 125mm x 108 mm, and there are 160 sheets per roll. The entire roll measures 20m, ensuring that there is plenty of toilet paper available for the persons using the washrooms. This also makes the White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10 a budget-friendly choice when it comes to shopping for your bathroom supplies.

4. Safe for your plumbing
Despite its thickness, the White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY 4 Pack x 10 is a biodegradable product. It disintegrates completely when in the pipes and septic systems. That way, you won`t have to worry about them getting clogged. This also means that, by turning to this White Leaf Luxury toilet paper, you`ll be making an eco-friendly choice.

White Leaf Luxury 3 PLY

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