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White Leaf Toilet Paper - 40 Rolls - 2 Ply

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-quality toilet paper suitable for commercial & domestic

-White Leaf Toilet Paper is made from 100% pure paper

-available in packs of 40 toilet rolls x 23 meter of paper/roll

-sheet size 110 mm x 108 mm & rgere are 210 sheets/roll

-this product is made in Ireland with Irish products only

-affordable, soft, cost effective, elegant and local made


Toilet papers have been in use since the 6th century, though packaged paper came mid-19th century. The popularity surged when the Imperial Court of the Ming Dynasty began having it manufactured in the 14th century. The Court ordered for over 720,000 sheets to be made, which in fact is close to 26,000 square miles of paper. Before that times must have been really hard. Did you know that in the middle ages people used gompf sticks to scrape the gunk off their bodies? Well, it was just an actual stick with a fancy name. Historically speaking, what a person used depended on the income level. While there were those who tuned to corncobs, husks and ferns, the wealthy Romans used wool soaked in rose water, and the French royalty turned to lace. The Greeks used clay, while those in coastal regions opted for mussel shells and the occasional coconut husks. Eskimos used moss or snow, while the Vikings also used wool. Of course, the simplest way was simply using one's hand, but that also tended to be very messy. There were instances when one just did their business and took a dip in the nearby river or stream, there the flowing water would do the cleaning. We've come a long way. In fact, people rarely notice the value of toilet paper until they are actually in a situation without one. The official "inventor" or toilet paper was Seth Wheeler of Albany, who patented it and began selling the tissues on a roll. As technology advanced, better quality paper was produced, and today one 
can relax on every visit to the porcelain throne. You want to have a product that you can trust to deliver on its mandate comfortably for you, and the rest 
of the persons in the premises. Turn to the White Leaf Toilet Paper.


There are plenty of factors to consider when purchasing toilet paper. Take strength for instance. You don’t want paper that will break apart in your hands. That's just messy. The strength has to balance with softness. After all, you don’t want a hardy paper that will abrade your skin. The sheets per roll also count, plus the overall length of the toilet paper. You don't want to get up in the morning, drink up your coffee, rush to the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and then discover there's no toilet paper. You 
then start debating whether you’ll call out for help sitting on the toilet, or simply make use of that newspaper that you’ve just read. When you have guests, you want to be sure that there is enough supply to meet their needs. The huge number of persons using the restroom during family gatherings and parties means that the toilet paper needs to be an adequate supply. Otherwise things will spiral out of control and you’ll have an unhygienic environment, setting the stage for a disease outbreak. Convenience also factors in, including how easy it is to tear the sheet at the perforations. The last thing you want is to keep tugging at each sheet. The biodegradability is important too. You want to find out what happens to the toilet paper after it’s flushed, and how easily it disintegrates. After all, it has more uses than just in the lavatory, like wiping seats at that event you are planning to attend. You want to ensure that once it gets to landfills, that it poses no risk to the environment. The White Leaf Toilet Paper comes in to cater to your various needs.


What You Get From The White Leaf Toilet Paper

1. Large sheet


The White Leaf Toilet Paper is designed with the family in mind. Its 110 mm x 108 mm sheet size, with a roll length of 23 meters, is suitable for family setups, enabling you to meet your bathroom care needs without a hitch. Each roll of the White Leaf Toilet Paper comes with 210 sheets, and all are microembossed to enhance their strength and soft feel. You will be able to ensure that your kids maintain high hygiene standards and also not get into panic mode each time guests pop up. There will be enough supply to handle their requirements.


2. Double ply


Strength is critical. The 2-ply nature of the White Leaf Toilet Paper further enhances this attribute. This not only means that it won’t be disintegrating in your hands, but also that you need fewer sheets for each usage. As such, each roll of the toilet paper gets to serve your household for longer. 

3. Multipurpose


From attending to your bum and wiping the toilet seat before you use it especially for those public restrooms, the absorbent nature of the White Leaf Toilet Paper makes it highly efficient. However, it's suitable for wiping more than just in bathrooms. For instance you can use it for facial tissue and to remove makeup, spitting out gum, getting dog poop off your shoe and cleaning up after your furry friend, cleaning up those bugs and creepy crawlers in your house after you kill them, making a 
temporary bandage, making a toy to keep your child or at busy, stuffing your shoes, covering those razor nicks to stop the bleed, making paper flowers, all 
through to fun and innovative ideas like making mummy costumes, and even finding out how many sheets of the White Leaf Toilet Paper can be wrapped around mummy's tummy during the baby shower parties.


4. Environmentally friendly


The environment is ours to protect, and you can do so in various aspects of your life, from the shopping choices you make and the transport options you go for, all through to those private moments in the bathroom. The 100% pure cellulose structure of the White Leaf Toilet Paper makes it an eco-friendly product. It will degrade naturally, which is also beneficial for those who use it for other tasks such as makeup removal and throw it into the bin, and it ends up in landfills. 


5. Economical


The White Leaf Toilet Paper is affordably priced. This enables you to start making savings right from the onset. In addition, its high sheet number, plus the length of the rolls, means that each roll gives you a value return for your purchase. In addition, it comes in packs of 4, each case having 10. You can go for bulk purchases of 60 cases per pallet, further lowering your costs.


White Leaf Toilet Paper - 2PLY - Pure

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