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White Wood Stain

-a bright oiled based wood stain from Tover

-suitable for staining all types of wood floors

-it will not make the wood surface pure white

-to be applied with a cloth/rag or a floor buffer

-it will cover around 20-30 sq meter of wood

-to be applied over clean & unsealed surfaces

-the wood stain has no protective qualities

-to be sealed with a two pack floor lacquer

-it will change yellow wood surfaces to white

-it will create a cool scandinavian finish on pine

White Wood Stain - Why white

Even if the name of this product says “white” or “bianco” in Italian, the final finish is not pure white. The White Wood Stain is mostly used to make white wood surfaces whiter or to change the colour of yellow woods into a much more alive scandinavian. The White Wood Stain will not change walnut or oak wood floors to white. The point of a stain is to “enrich” without making the surface looking cheap or silly. This product will be fully absorbed by the wood and the white will only be visible in the grain of the wood. Do not expect a perfect white finish. If you are after such a snow white finish, you should try Tover Uniqua Paint White. So, if you have a yellow pine wood and you want it white, the White Wood Stain  is the product for your job. But if you are planning to change walnut floors from dark brown to white, it will not work well.

White Wood Stain - Where to use

This top quality white wood stain can be used on all types of unsealed or newly sanded wood floors. The product will provide great results on bright and yellow wood surfaces. It can be used for changing the colour of garden furniture, wood floors, frames, doors, woodwork, sculptures, bannisters, etc. It will make dull and boring surfaces more alive. Bear in mind that all wood stains are not sealers. You only use a wood stain to change the colour of the wood. After the wood stain dries, it requires sealing to avoid washing off the colour. The white wood stain is the ideal wood stain for creating fine scandinavian finishes.

White Wood Stain - Coverage area

The recommended coverage area for staining wood floors is around 20-30 sq meters per 1L. The coverage area will be affected by the quality of your wood, by the quality of the sanding and by the skill of the applicator. By using a floor buffer and a white pad you could achieve over 50 sq meters per 1L. If you are using a cloth or some applicator, the coverage area will be below 30 sq meters per 1L. Always order extra wood stain to have for future repairs and patchings.

White Wood Stain - How to apply it

It is essential to only seal wood surfaces that are new or newly sanded. The wood stain cannot penetrate the wood surface if there is another sealer on the floor. You can use a cloth to stain small areas up to 10 sq meters or you can use a floor buffer to stain larger floor areas. Whatever way you plan to use it, work in small areas and only move along after the surface looks even. Areas where there is too much or not enough wood stain, will look patchy. Go over one more time to level up any imperfections.

Be careful around the edges and avoid touching any other surfaces that do not need staining. Go along the fibre of the wood for better results. You can apply 2 coats of stain if you are not satisfied with the level of white. You need to wait over 8 hours for the wood stain to dry before sealing (if you apply 2 coats). The wood stain can be sealed with a solvent lacquer or a two pack water based floor finish.

White Wood Stain

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