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-the most popular size of winwash cover

-highly durable and  very cost effective

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use

-compatible with all 35 cm t-bar winwash

-it can be machine washed up to 1000 times

Winwash Cover 35 cm

You want the ultimate clean for your windows. To get rid of the soiling that's visible and those particles that are too small and are latching onto the glass surface. Pollutants like cigarette smoke particles that dull the windows over time, allergens like dust and pollen particles, all through to germs that put the health of the persons in the premises at risk, you want a thorough wash that gets rid of them with ease. Efficiency also factors in. It’s annoying when you have to keep rushing to and from the bucket to rinse and wring the cleaning towels and sponges that you use. It takes time, reducing the speed with which you clean. These conventional methods also cause dirt that has been picked up to be redeposited on the surfaces, further increasing your workload. Avoid the hustle and optimise your effectiveness by turning to the Winwash Cover 35 cm.

Benefits Of The Winwash Cover 35 cm

• Microfiber

The microfiber technology has taken the cleaning industry by storm, and it’s used in virtually all facets of surface care and maintenance. From cloths to mops, microfiber material is being incorporated because of its high efficacy, and it comes as no surprise that it would get to sleeves, like the Winwash Cover 35 cm. How does it work? Ever seen a gecko walking "Mission-Impossible" style on the ceilings and walls, without ever falling off? Well, the little creatures have millions of tiny hairs on their feet, which form molecular bonds with any surface the gecko finds itself on. It’s as a result of Van der Waals forces, named after the Nobel Prize winner and Dutch physicist who discovered them- Johannes Diderick van der Waals. By adsorption, lots of weak electrostatic forces result in an attraction strong enough to hold two surfaces together. The numerous tiny threads that are in the microfiber Winwash Cover 35 cm -just as happens with the gecko- create an attraction to those tiny dust particles on the surface, pulling them right up. Pollutants, allergens, and even germs are picked up from the surface, and retained in the cloth until when it will be laundered. Hence, in addition to the superior clean, the particles won’t be redeposited on the surfaces being worked on. How much can the Winwash Cover 35 cm absorb? It has a high water retention, absorbing up to 6 times its own weight. This means that you also won’t have to keep pausing in the middle of the cleaning to detach the sleeves and go rinse and wring them, thus increasing the speed of the cleaning.

• Durable

The Winwash Cover 35 cm is designed to offer you repeated use for multiple cleaning sessions. The sleeves can be machine washed for up to 500 times, which gives you prolonged usage out of every unit sleeve. This has the welcome benefit of lowering the amount of money you spend on your cleaning supplies as the Winwash Cover 35 cm packages will take you for the long haul.

• Cost effective

In addition to being a highly durable product that lasts for long, the Winwash Cover 35 cm also enables you to make savings right from the moment you make the purchase, since it has an affordable price tag. What's more, each pack comes with 10 sleeves, giving you a value return for your investment.

Winwash Cover 35 cm

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